So whilst searching for pics to post up on my other blog (fangirlx), I came across someone saying that fanfiction about Codename: Kids Next Door where they grow up and live normal lives are missing the point. I understood the argument, but I could not agree with the statement.

The thing about fanfiction is, nothing is set but what is already considered canon. I don’t think there’s any fandom in the world that has any set rules about what goes down in the fanfiction as long as it can still be considered fanfiction. My point being, that fanfiction is about taking and exploring the original works and characters in ways that were never explored in it’s original (or published) medium.

As much as I hate Mary-Sues, there would be no fanfiction without them. Alternate Universes allow us to explore the character outside of their original element. Having the Kids Next Door grow up is entirely logical in the fandom (even if Nigel is still on Earth too) simply because they were going to be Decommissioned and grow up anyway. All of their KND adventures would be lost to them; at most they’d be dreams.

Do I think KND fanfiction should be about random adventures that they have as active KND agents (aka kids)? Sure, but I also want to see them grow up. I read majority of my fanfiction rated M, whether there’s a sex scene in it or not – honestly, it’s where I’m most likely to get my hardcore angst/drama fix. I’m not going to read a rated M fic about kids; we all know what those usually consist of and I am not about pedophilia.

Ultimately, it’s called fanfiction because it’s fiction made by fans (of fiction). And as long as you recognize the universe or the characters being used, that’s all that matters – in my book.

Anyways, thank you for joining me in my rant about fanfiction, which is a passion of mine. I just had to ramble before I forgot.


– Tigg

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