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Ten Years From Now by Dinosaurs R Dead

Ten Years From Now by Dinosaurs R Dead

Site: Fanfiction.Net

Genre: Cartoons

Fandom: Codename: Kids Next Door

Rating: M

Word Count: 513,294 and counting.


So it’s about time I posted something about the fanfiction I read … even though no one reads this blog.

This is a Codename: Kid’s Next Door fanfic that picks up from about ten years after Kuki leaves for Japan. Anyways, she comes back for college to find Wally’s with Abby, Hoagie’s with Fanny, Niegel’s still with Lizzie but wanting Rachel (362). Then you throw Wally’s almost-convict half-brother and his friends into it and lawd, can we say drama?

At twenty-nine chapters in (including the 1-3 I might have skipped because I thought this story had been abandoned), I must say that this is a work of art, the likes of which FF.Net hasn’t seen since about 2008. I love it. I love the length, the characters, the drama; I love it all. This might just be the best fanfic that fandom has to offer – especially considering the small pool there is to choose from, and fanfiction being notoriously filled with more bad writers than good.

So I salute this Dinosaurs R Dead person, he/she did an awesome job and I hope to see the end of this fic – no time soon though, I like it too much.

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