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I Just Finished Reading The Tales of Dunk and Egg

I Just Finished Reading The Tales of Dunk and Egg

There are three of them: “The Hedge Knight”, “The Sworn Sword”, and “The Mystery Knight”. They’re about a hedge knight that ends up squiring Prince Aegon Targaryen, fourth son of the fourth son of Aegys Targaryen (AKA Maester Aemon of Castle Black’s younger brother). That kid.

In any case, all three stories are great reads in true GRRM fashion – because, you know, he wrote them. They’re technically about two or three generations ahead of A Song of Ice and Fire and one generation after the Blackfyre Rebellion, but they all give you some insight into life in Westeros under the Targaryens (pre-Mad King).

I wish there were more though. These stories are greatness, but I would have loved to see them make it to Winterfell. I wanted to know which side the North had fought on during the Blackfyre Rebellion. I want to get to know the Stark in Winterfell – or his bannerman, either one is fine.

Earlier today, someone complained (in the comment section of a GoT article on ScreenRant) that, on Game of Thrones, you don’t get to see things through the peasants’ perspectives. Like how their lives are during the events of ASoIaF, or even what they think of their liege lords, much less the queen. Now it must be said that this cat did not read the books, because then he might have known why it’s that way, but I saw where he was coming from.

The Tales of Dunk and Egg are exactly that though. Dunk isn’t exactly a peasant, but he’s not a noble either. He’s a hedge knight, roaming around Westeros, willing to fight for anyone who’s cause seems just. And you can’t help but love him. He teaches Aegon (Egg) to be more than just a spoiled prince ruling the commoners from his castle. He teaches him to be patient and listen; not to rely on his father’s position; not to rule someone out just because they’re a bastard. It’s an extremely heartwarming read that George R. R. Martin NEEDS TO WRITE MORE OF!!!

In anycase, ASoIaF fans and Game of Thrones fans (who are basically the same people), I entreat you to find yourselves a copy of The Tales of Dunk and Egg – or at least the books that these stories show up in, because you know he has other novels and whole collections of non-Westeros short fiction, right? Well, if you didn’t know, he does and you need to get at that.

Later days, babes

– Fan Girl X

Edit: A quick Wikipedia search tells me that there will be a fourth story about their travels into the North, but The Tales of Dunk and Egg won’t actually be a collection (read: actual book) until after said fourth story is finished published, so … I guess I’ll be buying that then.  lol

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