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Just Friends by TheUltimateGambit91

Just Friends by TheUltimateGambit91

Site: FanFiction.Net

Genre: Cartoons

Fandom: X-Men:Evolution

Rating: M

Word Count: 147,177 and counting

Ship: ROMY (Rogue and Gambit/Remy)

Warning: This fic is five years old and nowhere near finished. Also, its AU with no powers.

So its one of those, Rogue and Gambit are friends who like each other but never admit it to each other type deals. Its honestly a good fic, but the author has a hiatus habit, though every update IS in fact a new chapter.

I love this couple, so today might be all about them. I WILL post some Vegeta/Bulma fanfics though … at some point.

Edit: So like, I honestly do love this author; she puts out consistently good work. My issue is that she has started and finished a couple of fics since she began this one, but is still nowhere near completing it. She replied that she would rather update with something good than with anything at all, and that just shut me up. So go on, babe, take as long as you need. I’ll be right here waiting, trust me.

Originally written in January of 2012 on

At this point, this story is a hop and skip away from the epilogue and, as much as it dragged, it was actually a pretty good powerless AU. You actually enjoy the long build up.

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