Lady Talisa or Jeyne Talisa Westerling?

So I’ve been watching Game of Thrones for a minute, and I’ve only one book left in the current ASoIaF line up. Like you, I know that Jeyne Westerling is Robb’s wife in the book, which causes discord among his army men because he was supposed to marry a Frey. Also like you, I know that Lady Talisa is Robb’s love interest (now lover) on the show, who is going to cause discord among his army men because he is (still) supposed to marry a Frey.

So the question is, is Lady Talisa a new character thrust upon us to show some unneeded insight into Robb’s character that we were already getting anyway? Or is she Jeyne Westerling in disguise? According to the Game of Thrones Wiki, she’s Jeyne Westerling in disguise.

Originally, Oona Chaplin was announced as playing ‘Jeyne’, leading to fan speculation that she would be playing either Jeyne Westerling or Jeyne Poole, a friend and companion of Sansa Stark’s who accompanies her to King’s Landing.[1] It was later announced to be Jeyne Westerling.[2] However Chaplin’s character introduces herself as Talisa when she first appears. She goes on to say that she is from the Free City of Volantis.

Now this hurts me, just a little bit, because I swore up and down that Talisa as some new broad sent to eff with our minds. I could live with Jeyne Westerling, but it is extremely apparent that I’ve no love for Talisa; Ros had better reasoning to be around.

What’ll really be interesting is the reveal. Is Talisa really Jeyne Westerling or did they rewrite her character as a Lannister spy? Either way, she lied to Robb. Robb, being Ned Stark’s son, isn’t going to take that lightly.

Her lie wasn’t small and had to involve quite a few people seeing as how Jeyne is from the Crag, and they literally just came from there. People had to know who she really was. When your lie has to be helped by other people who are in on it, it has officially become dangerous. A lesser man would’ve flayed their skins off.

In any case, Talisa may or may not be Jeyne Westerling in disguise. What do you think will happen when the truth of it is revealed?

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So the truth of it was that she was just some chick Robb decided to marry. Literally, the only redeeming quality of this chick was that she got pregnant and suffered a tragic death by stabbing – in the stomach.  I will never love Talisa, because I honestly did not see the point in changing Jeyne. Yes, she becomes useless after Robb dies, but her parents were Lannister spies – at least her mother was. Idk, both were a means to Robb’s end, but I was fine with Jeyne, so I never saw that point in Talisa without some ulterior motive.
That Talisa = Rhaenys Targaryen theory? That would have been a great reveal.