Warheads by Executive Shrimp

Site: Fanfiction.net

Genre: Anime

Fandom: Gundam Wing

Rating: M

Word Count: 414,716

*Ship: Duo/Heero, minor Trowa/Quatre

*Warning: guy/guy relationships, angst, and maybe a sex scene or two

If you didn’t already know, let me tell you: I am a massive 1x2x1 fanfiction lover. If I’m going to read anything from Gundam Wing, you can bet your life savings that it is featuring their relationship in some way. Rarely do I read about the others in comparison.

In any case, this is basically about life after being a Gundam pilot. Heero and Duo try to figure out a normal life – together. They go from being comrades to friends to lovers. It sounds sweet, but this story is not all sugar and butterflies. Its an honest look at how life could have went for the Gundam pilots after all of the wars were over. It pulls no punches.

Thankfully this story is complete, so you can enjoy it.