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He’s Got High Hopes by The Unbreakable Snape Fan

He’s Got High Hopes by The Unbreakable Snape Fan

Site: FanFiction.Net

Genre: Cartoons

Fandom: Goof Troop (you read that right)

Rating: M

Word Count: 3, 297

Ship: Goofy/PJ (so serious)

Warning: Your childhood will be ruined.

Pre-read: I am just as shocked as you are that this fanfic even exists. Goof Troop was probably my most favorite of all the Disney cartoons, for the theme song alone, but I NEVER expected there to be fanfiction about it, or even slash fanfiction. But there is, and now I have to read it just to give it a fair review. I wasn’t even looking for this, to be honest; I was in the process of switching to the Books category when the Goof Troop fanfics caught my eye. I cannot accurately express my shock – without using my favorite gif.

Post-Read: Oh my Jebus … while that was handled quite well … PJ and Goofy … lawd. I give the author props for not making it more dramatic than it needed to be. It was surprisingly well written considering the characters. Honestly, it’s pretty good right up until the sex scene, which might have been satisfactory if it wasn’t for the simple fact that it was PJ and Goofy – so, of course, I didn’t read that part.

Do I recommend it? If you can get over your childhood being ruined, sure. If not, I’m sure this author has other selections of the non-Disney variety.

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