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Rrabbit’s Fanfiction: In Which Draco is Still Pretty Much a Bad Guy

Rrabbit’s Fanfiction: In Which Draco is Still Pretty Much a Bad Guy

Site: FF.Net

Rating: M

Ship: Draco/Ginny

Warning: Dark. Stockholm Syndrome. Rough to downright violent and non-consensual sex. Angst like you wouldn’t know.

I saw a post earlier where someone was talking about how people shouldn’t ignore the first five books, where Draco’s an outright dick, and pretend that he was always a victim. I think that person is right. I am a fan of Draco Malfoy, but I don’t think we shouldn’t pretend he wasn’t a jackass for a good portion of his life. Do I think he could’ve changed? Yes. Anyone can change with the right influences. Apparently Draco did not have very much of these.

In all actuality, it’s more in tune with the series if you write a dickish Draco Malfoy, who just so happened to be victimized in some way, than to write a victimized Draco Malfoy, who takes it out on people by being dickish. Let’s be serious, he’s suffered enough of an emasculation in the books and the movies. I say why not let him be a bad man? He doesn’t have to be evil, but he doesn’t have to be friends with Harry either. We all know that fanfiction is at its best when the characterization remains the same, regardless of the setting.

In any case, I present to you a fanfic writer who realizes that Draco Malfoy is, in fact, a bad man. Rrabbit (rrabbit) has about eight stories on Fanfiction.Net, six of which I have read. Seven featuring a very villainous to just plain dickish Draco Malfoy. This writer makes no excuses – okay, maybe some – for Mr. Malfoy’s behavior. In fact she actually makes him a bit worse. In the end though, it makes for some great psychological drama.

So for all those chicks who like to say Draco’s a victim, and the rest of us who know that he isn’t and love him anyway, rrabbit is the fanfic author for you-

If you like Draco/Ginny fanfiction. Forgot about that part, lol.

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