All that movie really needed was a tweaking of the script and some better execution – and an R rating. It was good though.

Admittedly, I wasn’t too happy about the Asian [kid] being the first to die, but black people have fought to be second to last kill. Then the Christian couldn’t go first, and you didn’t quite know if the Cheerleader was a virgin or no, so that left the jock, the best friend and the asian. The best friend was the killer, the jock had a storyline, so the Asian kid was the most likely to get killed first.

Technically, he was not the first kill, but he was definitely the first of the main victims.

I don’t like that the best friend died. I freaking love the voice changes though. It makes the reveal really awesome.

This movie could have been a lot better, but I’m a horror lover and I think that this should be added to the collection. If I’m famous in about twenty years, I think I’ll take a stab at a remake.

That’s all for now though. Dueces,

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