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Super What? by karynthia

Super What? by karynthia

Site: Fanfiction.Net

Genre: TV Shows

Fandom: Misfits (Misfits, 2009)

Rating: T

Word Count: 1,917

Ship: Simon/Alisha

Warning: Your mind will be blown

This story is the precursor to a what if; basically the idea part, if you really think about it, but it’s done so well that it works as a standalone piece. The idea is, what if Simon had planned everything about his relationship with Alisha from the beginning?

When I first began to read it, I honestly thought that I was going to get a  cute Alisha/Simon story out, possibly something from during the three months. The summary actually says, ‘Simon was always the smart one”. To say that I wasn’t blown away by this short would be to blatantly lie.

This story is a must for Simon/Alisha fans. It’s a quick read, entirely first person and has very little dialogue, but I promise you it’s worth the read.

Originally written for

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