Fan Fiction Reviews By EH

AngelExposed’s Fanfiction: Marvel should probably hire her.

Site: Fanfiction.Net

Rating: T-M

Ship: Romy (Rogue/Gambit)

Warning: There’s a good bit of Angst to go around.

So, this author, AngelExposed, has been writing this major collection of X-Men fanfics for years. They’re called the Dismal Angel Episodes, and it’s basically seventy-three six-chaptered fics collected into three series. I haven’t read the whole thing so I can’t tell you what the entire story is about, but I can tell you that this is some good stuff. Like Marvel should really consider hiring her.

From what I can tell, this series is majorly Romy centric, so you already know that’s drama. I jumped into it during the current third series, DA Revelations. I haven’t read the whole thing, but it’s basically Remy finding out he has a daughter and trying to turn his life around. It sounds nice and straight forward, but I’m being very lazy by not telling you what’s really good. You need to read it.

I suggest reading it from the beginning of the first series, mostly because this chick is not going to be done anytime soon. She’s been known to take a few years worth of gaps, and I am entirely willing to let her have it if I can get some  more good stuff out of her.

So, um yea, if you love a good angsty Romy, where Rogue and Gambit’s relationship is beyond screwed up, the origins of Gambit’s daughter is villianously unknown, and there’s some underlying Kurrty tension (plus Kitty’s out of wedlock child), then this is totally the fanfic for you.

Go read it!


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