Fan Fiction Reviews By EH

Executive Shrimp and the Really Good Gundam Wing Fanfics

Executive Shrimp and the Really Good Gundam Wing Fanfics

Site: Fanfiction.Net

Genre: Anime

Fandom: Gundam Wing

Rating: M

Word Count: about 6 stories worth (four of them unfinished).

Ship: 2×1

Warning: Majority of these are AU.

To be honest, I prefer 1×2 or 1x2x1, but this broad is pretty good at what she does so I’m okay with roles being reversed. I got into her with the story Warheads, which is a post-Endless Waltz look at the lives of Heero and Duo. Admittedly its not canon, but it’s close enough. It was realistic and gripping, and it made me so confident in her that I await, with baited breath, her updates of these other four stories that she seems to be writing simultaneously.

In her most recent stories, she (or he, because I really don’t know) tackles some really heavy stuff, all AU. In Loneliest Road, Heero and Duo are married and on their way to the birth of Duo’s child from a one-time affair with Hilde. In Love Thy Neighbor, Duo is a devout Christian having to deal with the arrival of Heero, his openly gay neighbor. In Brothers, Duo’s mother dies, leaving him to get to know his estranged father and adopted brother, Heero. And Lastly, inThousand Words, Heero and Duo are best friends and roommates in college who get tired of dating girls. There’s a better summary for that last one, but that’s basically the gist of it without giving it away.

I have no summary for the last story simply because it deals with character death and I didn’t read it.

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