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Once Known by Drau419

Once Known by Drau419


Genre: Books

Fandom: Harry Potter

Rating: M

Word Count: 194,626

Ship: Remus/Sirius

Warning: Sex! Later on, but definately lots of broken bones.

“ Once unwilling subjects in Dark experiments, Sirius and others like himself soon find themselves in danger when someone begins picking them off one by one in the one place where they thought they had found a home.”

I figured the author’s summary would be the best thing to go by. It’s really a story about an outcast trying to make friends with the most angry kid at school. This story has more angst than Harry Potter 6. To the point that you’re 21 chapters in before the plot picks back up.

I don’t know, somehow it was all worth the read. I’m a major fan of Sirius/Remus, and I respect a lot of the canon couples that made an appearance. It’s definitely a new look.

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