Fan Fiction Reviews By EH

Six and a Half Weeks by SherriSciFi

Six and a Half Weeks by SherriSciFi

Site: FanFiction.Net

Genre: Comics

Fandom: X-Men

Rating: M

Word Count: 50,364

Ship: Storm/Wolverine

Warning: Graphic sex.

In all honesty, I love Storm and Wolverine as a couple. In fact, I like to keep my eyes open for some good RoLo fanfics because they’re so few and far between. They’re both strong characters whose friendship always seemed healthy to me ( I don’t know about the rest of you). I thought Six and A Half Weeks was pretty good, considering the slim pickings that this ship gets. I can’t say it finished strong, but the first fifteen chapters make up whatever grievances I had for the very last one. All in all, it was definitely a success.

Basically, Ororo is an eighteen-year-old at Xavier’s and Logan is a teacher. Lust sparks, drama ensues, and, for some reason, there’s some Scott/Ororo action that reminds you what Jean/Scott may have looked like if Jean was the one in Ororo’s situation. If you’re cool with the teacher/legal-aged student trope, or just love RoLo, this is probably the story for you. Enjoy.

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