Customer Service

Despite currently working in the field, I hate customer service. Oh, I understand that it is a vital necessity to any business, but it is ridiculously frustrating, and most aren’t paid nearly enough to be raided on by so many people for just doing their job. The answer is not going to change just because the customer decides to throw a bitch fit.

That’s what really pisses me off about working in this field. People honestly expect you to bow to their tantrums, but if it’s not in the policy, it’s not in the policy. It’s quite possible for companies to be flexible, especially if you’ve shown yourself to be an upstanding customer beforehand. Most company will gladly give you some slack if you just explain the situation calmly and courteously. The golden rule can honestly take people a long way, but most forget that.

I will not pretend that I am not one of those people who will call up a company and raise hell about something that did not go my way. I’m usually very nonchalant about most things, but the minute you start taking more money than you are owed out of my account, I go from being a fellow Customer Service worker to the irate customer who wants their money back. Seriously, I have called up my insurance company about an extra charge, and the first thing out of my mouth was, “I want my money back”.

After I had calmed down, and my Customer Service Rep helped me out, I did apologize, but I think people just forget that these are still human beings that we are so quick to tear into. I want people to understand that it is not the CSR’s fault that the company policy is done a certain way. Companies take risks with their customers, and they have investments to protect. If you feel that, as a customer, you are being treated unfairly in favor of the return on the investment, you are well within your rights to demand better treatment. But please do not berate and belittle the person on the other end of the phone, if they’re only trying to help you.

And maybe your CSR is not always nice to you, maybe they’re a little bit too snippy. I have always agreed with the theory of “killing people with kindness”, even if I don’t always follow it, simply because you honestly feel ashamed when you realize how mean you’re being to someone when they’ve only been cordial to you. Plus, you don’t know what went on in that office before you got on the phone with your CSR.

I understand that the United States has geared itself to more service-oriented industry in the last few decades, but I find it so annoying how people throw out the phrase, “Customer Service”, whenever they feel like the company treated them bad. What about Vendor Service though? As a non-emergency entity, I technically have the right to refuse your business. So if you’re throwing up a bitch fit because my company does not do a certain thing, do I really need to show you “Customer Service”? Do I even need to be bothered with you?

Most times my boss says I do, but I don’t mind admitting that I loved the few times when they said that I didn’t.

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