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Froth by forthright

Froth by forthright

Site: Fanfiction.Net

Genre: Anime

Fandom: Inuyasha

Rating: K+ (OMG, IKR!)

Word Count: 51,022

Ship: Miroku/Sango

Warning: N/A

So this is a really cute Sango/Miroku get together fic. Sango moves into the city to start school and find work, ends up getting a job at a coffee shop with Miroku.

I never quite understood the appeal of the coffee shop genre. Yes, it seems very true to life when you’re in a big city setting, but it’s so cliche that it seems unnecessary for it to be used in fan fiction. Especially fan fiction based on an anime that takes place in Feudal era Japan.  This is one of those moments in fan fiction’s use of Alternate Universes, that the author really has to watch how they’re manipulating the setting and how that affects characterization. You have to make sure that, by taking these characters out of they’re natural setting, you are not robbing them of what made us love them in the first place. Thankfully, this author knew what the hell they were doing.

There is honestly not a lot of stand alone Miroku/Sango fics in this fandom, which is understandable considering that Miroku/Sango are a canonically background couple. If there’s anything I’ve learned in my decade of fan fiction reading, it’s that couples that are canon do not hold the same interest for story-building as couples that are not canon, especially background couples. And a lot of times, when the number of fics are low, so is the quality. Thankfully this ship yields a healthy number of good fanfics, to keep old readers happy and draw some new ones in.

I, personally, like this ship for the simple fact that I loved Miroku and Sango’s dynamic in the anime. Yes, he was a pervert, and she beat him up quite a few times for it. But sue me if I’d like to believe that beneath all of that drama, there was a love story waiting to happen. I think that the author of Froth understands that, and, for that reason, made it such a good read.

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