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Niteryde’s Exploration of Vegeta

Niteryde’s Exploration of Vegeta

Site: Fanfiction.Net

Genre: Anime

Fandom: Dragon Ball Z

Rating: T – M

Word Count: Twelve stories and counting

Ship: Vegeta/Bulma

Warning: Violence, sex, cursing and all that jazz.

I am a very big fan of Vegeta and Bulma’s miracle of a relationship, simply because you honestly never see it coming. They go from hating each other to having a son to, a lot later,  somehow managing to be married. The three year gap between Frieza and the Androids is a gold mine for fanfiction writers. I don’t even remember watching the episodes leading up to or around it, but there seems to be a general belief that that whole era was skipped entirely. And, personally, I’m okay with that.

Admittedly, those 3 year gap stories get extremely repetitive in this ship, simply because that sometimes seems like that’s all these kids want to write about. It’s so open for interpretation that almost anyone can work a story from that time period and it would somehow managed to still fit canon. All you have to do is have it start at the death of the Frieza and end with the Androids – plus make mention of that purple-haired guy and the Cold family. Another thing I find noticeable about this ship is that it yields a lot of sex. I understand that Bulma and Vegeta are very passionate ch

Captain Vegeta as he appears in Cross Epoch.
Captain Vegeta as he appears in Cross Epoch. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

aracters when they’re ready, but their shippers can get very smut-happy. To the point where you cannot write an M-rated Vegeta/Bulma fic without porn in it. It’s just impossible.

So for a long time, I tended to not read any 3 year gap stories. I stuck to the Alternate Universe or post-Cell games stories. Or even the post-Buu stories. Whichever one it was that caused Vegeta to kill/almost kill Trunks. The reconciliation/ road to becoming a family type stories are extremely insightful, and they really show you how good the author is with characterization and growth. You kind of have to walk the line with those Alternate Universe stories, because Still A Prince!Vegeta – and I’ll never understand why that is a valid way to show a specific character trope – does not seem to have a very good family life.

What I like about Niteryde (finally!) is that they truly explore the character of Vegeta, inside and outside of his relationship with Bulma, and make you care about a story line that has been worked to death and back. This author honestly takes the time to make you feel like you really know Vegeta. Like rrabbit did with Draco Malfoy, Niteryde does not pretend that Vegeta was never a bad man; this author embraces that truth and uses it as a device for his redemption. Vegeta was horrible, and this is a fandom that will never tell you different, but I love the way in which Niteryde shows you that he could change.

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