So after the travesty that was my experience with the Surface 2, I had a long conversation with my stepfather about PC-replacement tablets. He reminded my that he had been using the Asus Vivo during his last visit, and proceeded to tell me about how he was so pleased with it, that he ended up ordering about 6 more for the rest of his office. He commented about how his boss had even gotten rid of his laptop in place of it.

So of course, I had to try it.

Turned out the Asus Vivo is not only one hundred dollars cheaper than the Surface 2, it also comes with twice as much space. My HP friend was quite happy to trade in the Surface 2. I should add that he had scoured the internet for a solution to my Chrome problem, and the only thing that looked like a possibility was the pocket application. With the way Microsoft was being about it, I doubted it would have worked.

So anyway, the Asus Vivo Smart Tab. With it’s Windows 8, Office 2013, Near Field Communication, Intel Atom processor and 64 gigs of space. This might not mean much to the non-tech savvy, but it’s good enough for those like me that know enough to know that this is heaven. It’s like a combination of all of the things that you would honestly want in a standalone tablet (standalone meaning no added equipment).

And it downloads Chrome.

Laugh all you want, but I have surrendered to Google as my overlord. Tell me that what their doing is not great and I will tell you you are wrong. When Google’s Cable/Internet division makes it into Houston, I will gladly say goodbye to Comcast.

In any case, I feel like tablet’s like the Asus Vivo, tablets that ultimately are not made from the same company that makes the software that it runs, are exactly what the world needs. The ability to run programs made by both Google and Microsoft, and support functions like Near Field Communication and dual screens is something that all future third-party tablets should strive to achieve. I have always believed that if the great software think tanks like Apple and RIM got together to create a new product, it would be the thing that truly dominated the markets.

But then again, I’m just a girl with an English degree. And these are just my dreams of techie greatness.