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January 2014

Do It Now

Today I saw a quote on Tumblr. Something about not wanting to die wishing that you had more time to do the things you wanted, so you should just do them today. I immediately reblogged it because, like duh, I agreed with it. My life seems to be a long list of things that I want to do, but never seem to have time for. Half of the time I’m afraid to start cutting these lists down because I think that they might get in the way of completing my goals. However, I feel like if I continue on with this line of thinking, I will never truly enjoy life. So today I just did.

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I Still Wear My Letterman

Before I even started high school, I knew I wanted a letterman jacket. I thought it was so cool that people got clothes, with their names and their high school mascot on it, for some random reason that probably meant nothing in the real world. I remember watching old movies where guys would have their girlfriends wearing their letterman sweaters. I honestly thought that the whole idea was cute. And then I got to high school and realized that my school actually had pretty nice colors – black and gold – so our lettermans looked really good. I was quite jealous when a fellow classmate had lettered in Varsity Track during our freshman year. I will continuously think that it is unfair that you can get a letterman in athletics faster than academics or any other extracurricular.

You have to understand that I was always a dork well before I became a geek.

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The (Writing) Struggle

Three days into this #250 Words A Day project, and I find myself at an impasse. I want so bad to write this Iron Husbands fanfic, but the words aren’t coming to me and the flow feels stagnant. Quick as that, I have writer’s block. I can’t let it stop me though. I started this project to defeat that monster, and, by George, I’ll make it work.

(I have no idea where that ‘by George’ came from, my speech pattern allows for random phrases.)

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