The (Writing) Struggle

Three days into this #250 Words A Day project, and I find myself at an impasse. I want so bad to write this Iron Husbands fanfic, but the words aren’t coming to me and the flow feels stagnant. Quick as that, I have writer’s block. I can’t let it stop me though. I started this project to defeat that monster, and, by George, I’ll make it work.

(I have no idea where that ‘by George’ came from, my speech pattern allows for random phrases.)

Yesterday I wrote a short Game of Thrones fanfic. I wanted to answer the question “what if Ned had told Catelyn the truth about Jon?” Keep in mind, my story relied heavily on the widely believed, and textually supported, R + L = J theory. I won’t ruin the surprise for those who haven’t read up on it, but this theory is so well received that George R. R. Martin himself would have to shut it down in true ASoIaF fashion for it to be disreputed.

In any case, I wrote that fanfic and, despite having the gist of it so clear cut in my mind, I had to basically force myself to get to 250 words. In the end, I ended up with 844 words, but it was only after I had struggled through the beginning and the major plots point, then went back to fill in the little details before finally fighting my way to an end.

It was worth it though. I had finally written a fanfic for the first time in almost a decade, and I feel like it did pretty well. I don’t need a lot. Just a few hits and comment or two – Kudos are always great – but it was nice to know that the effort was appreciated. I had found a reason to try.

I figure a couple more weeks of this and I’ll finally be able to rewrite and finish the one story my friends have been waiting years for me to conclude. Good fanfiction is hard, but passable original works seem much more harder. Still, with this project, I feel like I can do it. I feel like this will be the thing that gets me back to feeling like a real writer again.

In any case, now that I’ve pushed out 350+ words of thought, I’m going to go back to actually trying to write this fanfic. It’s a shame how the Avengers fandom treats Iron Husbands. Considering all of the other crack pairings that they have Iron Man involved in, this one actually makes sense. Then again, that’s just my opinion.


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