I assumed it would be a Stuckyfest, and that was pretty much all the third act was. The minute Cap said, “when I had nothing, I had Bucky” I knew it was over.

I’ve been getting an increase in Steve/Bucky (and Steve/Sam, which I am not at all mad at) since the European premiere. I still ship them as friends, but I sometimes feel like Marvel really wants me to ship them as more than friends. Especially with Chris Evans’ shaved face, and Sebastian Stan’s emotional prettiness.

I went into that movie with my shipping goggles all the way off, but I left that theater wishing Tony/Rhodey could get lines like that (and they probably have, but I literally only paid attention to Iron Man 3).

Anyways, conspiracy theories over, here’s what I loved and found interesting about Captain America 2.

  • Black Widow is not a love interest. I love that she played the friends and got to be awesome in her own right. Friend of mine pointed out the arrow necklace though, so we’ll see where that goes.
  • I understand that the Black Widow has been with SHIELD long enough not to use a Russian accent, but if the Winter Soldier is part of a German terror cell and that’s all he knows, shouldn’t he be an accented German? I’m a big fan of the comics that make it seem like he was a fully brain-washed Russian that just happened to be really good at blending in with Americans. I don’t see why that wouldn’t work the same with a hidden Hydra sect.
  • Howard Stark still looks young despite 70 years having gone by. So I have a problem with this, because we’ve already seen an old Howard Stark in this Universe from the Iron Man movies (which has it’s own Howard Stark continuity issues apparently). However, I have a theory that Steve can only seeing his old friends how he last saw them. Because despite years having gone by, Peggy doesn’t look aged the video at the Smithsonian, nor in the picture from the old shield headquarters (which they had to have used for a while). So while he does see an aged Peggy in the nursing home, he still remembers her as a young woman. Same with Howard.
  • Sebastian Stan as a confused Winter Soldier/disoriented Buck Barnes is freaking hilarious. “YOU (punch) ARE (punch) MY (punch) MISSION (punch)”. Marvel must have been looking for people to bring the feels when they cast Sebastian and Tom Hiddleston.
  • Hell yeah, Sam Wilson. And that Romolov guy.
  • Nick Fury looks like Samuel L. Jackson as Shaft at the  end.
  • Hell yea, possible Black Widow movie.
  • Where does SHIELD’S dissolution leave Agents of SHIELD? I never watched the show, but it will now be my summer project when Game of Thrones is over. Also, why no Coulson reveal?
  • I was starting to like Sitwell …

All in all, Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier was an awesome movie that has me really excited for what else the  Marvel Cinematic Universe has to offer.

Thor 2 redeemed the Non-Asgardian parts from the first movie, but that’s another post entirely.

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