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The REI Summer Festival

Editor’s Note: All of the band names are links to separate Tumblr posts about each performance.

So when Allen Stone released his new tour list, I was quite a bit sad because he didn’t seem to have any Houston dates. My FYeahAllenStone co-blogger, Bunny, had already decided we were all gonna make the Austin show in October, since we hadn’t seen him the last time he was in Houston. We’d already heard the setlist twice and had no interest in making it a third time. This new tour though? It promised new material AND a new album.

Imagine my shock when Bunny pops up with a link to Allen playing some random Summer Fest at the beginning of August. I was both overjoyed and mildly offended. This wasn’t on his fansite; what’s the point of me being a part of a site that doesn’t tell me what he’s doing at all times?

Anyways, so we went to the concert. Can I just say that whoever decided to have a real estate investment seminar also double as a music festival is a genius? That was pretty smart.

So for $35 we go into the concert, and were given e free beer token to redeem in the bar. The festival itself was outside of the Nouveau Antique Art Bar, and there was even an area for food trucks. Saint Arnold’s also had a table set up and were giving out free beer, so that was an extra plus.

I’m not going to go in depth about the acts because I wrote whole posts with pictures to boot on Do stop by for a visit. Those posts were a hassle to get sorted. I think I met the roommate of the guy who put it all together, at least that’s what Phil (the roommate) wanted us to believe. Chris (the supposed concert organizer) looked like Bro, but I won’t judge him too hard since his favorite band, Leopold and His Fiction, turned out to be pretty good.

The other acts, The Soft White Sixties and The Suffers, were also pretty great. TSWS has an album out, whereas The Suffers are Houston-based and have an album coming out early next year. I recommend The Suffers to go on tour with Allen Stone at some point as they best compliment his sound.

As for Allen Stone himself? As always, he was pretty damn good. And thankfully did not repeat his old setlist. It was happy mix of the old and the new, despite the fact that of the three times I’ve seen him, I’ve never seen him perform anything from Last To Speak live. I don’t know if that’s a thing with him, but if it is, I would love to hear the story behind it.

In any case, the REI Summer Festival was pretty good on the music end, and I definitely wouldn’t mind returning next year even without Allen performing. All in all it was a good day for Houston.

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