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July 2015

[Review] Saladin Ahmed’s Throne of the Crescent Moon

I don’t have a lot to say about this book, though I can tell you that I am in serious need of the second novel.

Throne of the Crescent Moon is about Dr. Adoulla Makhslood’s last great ghul hunt. In what begins as a routine ghul-banishing, Adoulla and his apprentice, Raseed, stumble upon a sinister plot that threatens to throw their city, and their world, into a chaotic civil war.

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[Review] Kevin Kwan’s China Rich Girlfriend

I want to start this off by saying this review won’t sound anything like the others simply because those were mostly recommendations. I wanted other people to enjoy those books because I thought that they were great from beginning to end with only minor issues. I have more than minor issues with this book.

In China Rich Girlfriend, we rejoin Nick and Rachel on the eve of their wedding. After the major reveal in Crazy Rich Asians, they’ve been on a non-stop search for Rachel’s real father. However, it’s not until they really meet him that things begin to get interesting.

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[Review] N. K. Jemisin’s The Kingdom of Gods

So it took a month, but I finally got done with N.K. Jemisin’s Inheritance trilogy. I can honestly say that it was well worth the wait.

In The Kingdom of Gods, Lord Sieh, the god of tricks and childhood, is made mortal after making a vow of eternal friendship with two Arameri children. At first, Sieh expects to fit in and live a relatively normal life until his doting parents can find a solution for his predicament. However, when it turns out to only be a symptom of a much bigger problem, Sieh must do his best to help a world he had given up on.

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