I don’t have a lot to say about this book, though I can tell you that I am in serious need of the second novel.

Throne of the Crescent Moon is about Dr. Adoulla Makhslood’s last great ghul hunt. In what begins as a routine ghul-banishing, Adoulla and his apprentice, Raseed, stumble upon a sinister plot that threatens to throw their city, and their world, into a chaotic civil war.

I bought this book because I’ve never read Middle Eastern-based fantasy. I was not, in any way, disappointed. I’m not going to lie: it begins somewhat slow, but it picks up quickly around the fourth or fifth chapter. It’s a bit horrific, but its almost like nothing you’ve ever read before (if you’ve never read Arabic fantasy – I wouldn’t know, to be honest).

I loved it. I love the idea of the Crescent Moon Kingdoms. I like the references to ancient Egypt, and the fact that it is even a part of the mythos in this universe. I loved the use of a possibly Islamic (in that I can recognize the Judeo-Christian parallels) religion that utilizes different orders to combat forms of the supernatural that are not of God. I love the use of the Traitorous Angel. I love that magical powers are considered a gift from God, but you still have a guy who is strict about his religion and will quote the good book to you literally all day.

The only thing that I didn’t like was how much they quoted religious text. It wasn’t even the fact that it was religious text that bothered me – I was all the way there for it – but rather the fact that there was a point where it seemed like someone would have a quote ready almost every time they talked. What was that even about? I understand that you’re all devout, but seriously?

It was a still a good book. And, despite the fact that I didn’t notice it until I’d read the whole book, I appreciated that there was a map for the reader.

I feel like saying anything else about the book will be spoiler territory, so I will stop here. I am very much interested in reading the next book in the series, The Thousand and One, but it won’t be out until 2016. However, Saladin Ahmed has published a book of short stories, Engraved on the Eye, that include two stories based in this universe. I will definitely be checking that out in the time being.