This Week in Comics – August 2015

Because I don't just read books. Comics need reviews too.

So, if you follow my blog, you’ll notice that majority of my recent posts have been book reviews. That is mostly because I’ve been reading a lot, and writing reviews is good writing practice. However, I haven’t just been reading books; I’ve been reading comics too. So, while I will not be reviewing any comics that I’ve already read for the year, I will be reviewing all of my comics from this point forward.

In an effort to normalize my posts, “This Week in Comics” will cover any comics that I have purchased in the comic book store in time to make the post. I will also do another, less regular, post called “This Week on My Bookshelf” to cover any comics that have already been bought, but never been read. That way I can keep up with all the new comics, but still talk about some of the older ones.

This week will be covering all of August simply because it took me a while to finally read all of these comics. Everything afterward should be posted the week that I buy the comics.

Secret Wars Variant Cover

Secret Wars: Secret Love, #1

I’ve been anticipating this comic since Jeremy Whitley announced that he was going to write a Danny Rand/ Misty Knight oneshot. I’ve never shipped any of the characters presented in this comic, but they’re all showcased in a very cute and interesting way. The cutest story has to be “Ant-iversary”, and, while I appreciated “Fan of a Fan”, the funniest story had to be “Squirrel Girl Wins a Date With Thor”. There’s a panel in that stories that shows a number of different Marvel pairings, including Professor X and Magneto. I really hope Marvel decides to continue on with this series because it was definitely worth the read.

I also hope that Marvel is interested in letting Jeremy Whitley helm an Iron Fist/Misty Knight (or even just a Misty Knight) ongoing comic. Their story was the one I identified with the most, and I would really love to see it further explored.

Starfire #3 by Amanda Conner

Starfire, #3

I, like a lot of girls my age, got into Starfire because of Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans which aired from 2003-2006. I, also like a lot of girls my age, later came to find out that comic book Starfire was essentially a sexpot. I, unlike a lot of girls my age, personally didn’t care. I love Starfire, whether she is an adorable preteen or a grown woman; Koriand’r is my absolute fave, and that will never change.

This Starfire ongoing is a pretty good read. They have an arc, so they have a goal and the company is confident enough in the story to let the writers finish it. That makes me happy. From what I can tell, Starfire’s just landed on Earth to a coastal town in Florida, and is battling everything from a hurricane to grocery shopping for earth food. In this issue she finally gets to battle something more her size, and makes a new superhuman friend.

Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders #1

Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders (2015), #1

So let me be the first to say that I honestly don’t understand what’s going on in the main Secret Wars timeline – and I’m okay with that. I’ve read a few of the comics coming out of that event, and I like pretty much every one of them. While a Doom god is never a good idea, this planet of multi-verses is turning out to be a good look. So, if Marvel’s going to keep this up for a while, excuse me while I continue to help fund it.

That being said, in this multi-verse, we have a muslim female Captain Britain, two Iron Men suits called Rescue and Kid Rescue, She-Hulk, the White Tiger, and Spider Hero. They all live in a peaceful utopia called Yinsen City, right next door to the Doom-loving Mondo City. Everything’s perfectly copacetic until Captain Britain points out that Doom is not a god, and that there had to be a world before then current one. And then, Doom decides to play god.

This is most definitely looks like a comic worth getting into.

Planet Hulk #4

Planet Hulk (2015), #4

I just want to say that I came to this series for The Hulk and his Warbound, but I subscribed to it because I am a Stucky fangirl and I never expected to see even this much of an impression of it in any type of Marvel canon. In Planet Hulk, Steve Rogers and his Warbound, Devil Dinosaur, set out to kill the Red King of the Mud Kingdom in the Greenland. Steve has no beef with the Red King, but Doom had sent Bucky on the same errand a month before. So Steve’s real mission is to get his best friend back.

What I really liked about this series is that the vey first issue has a bonus issue that tells us how it was that a land of Hulks even came to be. I also appreciated the use of Amadeus Cho over Rick Jones for that feature. I have no love for Rick Jones.

In this current issue, Steve has made it all the way into the Mud Kingdom and manages to not get killed with the help of his new traveling companion, Doc Green. He heads off to the Red King’s castle expecting to find Bucky. However, what he finds instead is something else entirely.

Archie #2 Variant Cover by Rivera

Archie (2015), #2

I’ve been an Archie fan since I was about 9 or 10 years old. Unfortunately, my love was a bit irregular, so, by the time comics were a constant in my life, I never quite knew where to start with them. Then came Afterlife with Archie, and my life was made.

However, this is the newly rebooted Archie series by Mark Waid and Fiona Staples, and it’s not bad at all. Archie’s still a klutz, Jughead is still my favorite character, and Veronica and Betty are super cute. I don’t know what Mark Waid plans to do with this series, but I like the diversity of the background characters, and the fact that there seems to be a ton of variant covers for each issue.

The series starts off with the breakup of Archie Andrews and Betty Cooper, and I don’t know how I feel about that since I’ve decided to take a vow of neutrality on the issue of Betty vs. Veronica. Personally, I feel that the girls are great friends, and could be better friends if they stopped being rivals. In any case, we’re two issues in, and Veronica Lodge is still in the process of moving to Riverdale, which is perfectly fine because we’re still getting to know the main characters. And, as a Jughead fan, I appreciate that.

House of M #1

House of M (2015), #1

So I start this series only two or three weeks after finishing the original comic event. Even though it was very much a problem, I loved the fact that Magneto and his children were getting along and running a country together. I don’t know what it is, but it warms my heart to see families getting along and working together.

This version of House of M is very much a part of the Battleworld, which I’ve come to be very happy with. In this time, Wanda’s children have grown to at least teenage-hood, but Vision is still very much absent. There’s still a resistance, and Luke Cage, Hawkeye, and Misty Knight are all making an appearance. Another lovely addition is Namor, who apparently cannot stand to be around Magneto, so he treats with Pietro instead.

I have no idea how this House of M is going to go, but I am very much interested. Without giving the premise away completely – it’s still only one issue in – I’m going to go ahead and say that this is definitely one to watch.

If you would like to keep up with me and my adventures in appreciating the many different types of literature, please be sure to subscribe to this blog. If you just want to chat with me about these particular comics, make sure to hit me up in the comment section.

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