This Week in Comics – September 18, 2015

I'm still in shock about Planet Hulk #5
Credit: DC Comics

Cyborg, #2

When Cyborg was announced for his own stand alone comic, I was excited. Cyborg has been with just about everybody’s team since his creation, so it stands to reason that he would eventually get the chance to get his own comic. Of course, I’m not sure that anyone expected it to take this long.

I’m not quite sure where they’re going with this comic. In the first issue, Cyborg went to meet with his dad about repairs to his body, and we got a bit of their history. A few of Cyborg’s old friends are introduced, but the whole thing is inter-spliced with a story about aliens who seem to be looking for Cyborg. Apparently this other story was introduced in the Cyborg preview, but I think that that needs to be rehashed because I was very confused.

All BS aside, I want it to work for Cyborg. I am of the utmost belief that DC knows what it’s doing with this comic, but I’m at least an issue behind, and I just found out that it was not on my pull list. So, from my point of view, this story is kind of confusing, especially since I was not aware that there was a preview. Still, I think it will work out pretty well. It took me forever to catch onto what was going on with Starfire, so I expect the same to happen with Cyborg.

So, if you like Cyborg, this might be the comic for you. However, you might want to read the first five issues together, or at least find the preview, just for clarity.

EDIT: I’ve found the preview on the DC website. It definitely helps you find enough clarity to be on board with the story.

Credit: Marvel Comics

House of M (2015), #2

There are cracks in the crystal over at the House of Magnus, and I love it. Speed and Wiccan are causing problems; the human resistance has just linked up with Death Locket; and Pietro and Namor are ready to move forward. This month’s issue of House of M is all about making moves.

I love Wanda and her children, honestly. However, it is obvious that her children wouldn’t be acting up if she actually let them suffer the consequences of their actions. Yes, they’re doing it for the right cause, but they’re very blatant about it because they know that everyone’s too afraid of their grandfather to do anything. It’s no wonder that Pietro is now working with the enemy.

I feel like this is going to be a short run simply because it started so late, and Marvel is rebooting quite a few titles starting next month. All of this is fine, but it does make me wonder exactly when House of M is supposed to end. The next issue is obviously the climax, but I doubt that it’s the end. Still, I’ll be buying it.

The current run of House of M is for any who wanted to see Magneto’s family in full. And Hawkeye working with Black Cat and Misty Knight. What is it with Hawkeye consistently being part of the resistance? I know he’s human, but that guy has a grudge. In any case, it’s definitely a worthwhile read.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Giant-Size Little Marvel: Avengers Vs X-Men (2015), #4

When the pictures for this comic showed up online, I was immediately interested. However, the thing that really got me was the picture of a tiny Steve Rogers in distress because he could not find his Bucky Bear. I’m convinced that Marvel is very much aware of it’s cinematic fangirls’ obsession with Stucky, and has no problem using it to make money. I don’t blame them, but eventually they’re going to have to deliver.

In any case, this particular comic is about little kid versions of the Avengers and the X-Men trying to convince a set of twins, Zachary and Zoe, to join their teams. This is still very much a part of the Battleworlds, but it’s a lot more goofy and quick to make fun of itself.

In this issue, The Gaurdians of the Galaxy (and they make a point to emphasize which Gaurdians) and The Inhumans get involved. This comes about because it was revealed in the last issue that the sky in Marville (this particular portion of Battleworld) has a limit, and the Gaurdians have been hanging out at the uppermost part of it. This, of course, turns into an all out brawl between four teams, to which several other Marvel heroes, like Blade, make an appearance. Because it is the last issue, Zachary and Zoe do pick a side, but you’ll never see it coming.

I think just about everyone who has ever cared about mainstream Marvel will get a kick out of this series. It was overly cute and very funny. I appreciated the rivalry between the X-Men and the Avengers, and how they would turn on anyone who dared to hurt the other. It was a great reprieve from the more serious storylines. I know a lot of people will love it.

Starfire #4 Variant by Lee Garbett (Photo Credit: Previews World)

Starfire, #4

I’m really getting the hang of how comic book issues choose to connect their stories. Starfire has a tendency to give you a sneak peek at whatever problem might be prominent in the next issue, but only a hint at the over-arching arc that will probably be featured in the trade. Cyborg might be doing the same thing, but I’m not caught up enough to notice.

In this issue, Starfire gets a superhero team-up! We get to know former Supergirl bestie, Atlee, when a monster from her home world makes a visit to Key West. A mysterious figure (Blackfire, most likely) sends a bounty hunter to locate Starfire. Also, the serial killer from the previous issue makes contact!

I still read Starfire’s voice like the teenager from the old Cartoon Network series. I feel like it fits better with everything that’s going on in the comic. It also helps that that’s literally the only version of Starfire’s voice that I’ve ever heard.

In any case, while the only interesting thing about Atlee (to me) currently is her love life, I like that Starfire is making friends with other girls and has a strong female presence in her life. Is she still going to make mistakes? Very much so, but she’s a lot less likely to be taken advantage of by every man in Key West. As I’ve said before, I don’t mind that Starfire was essentially a sexpot, but that doesn’t mean that she needs to continue to be. I like that Kori gets to be a hero and is learning to make it in life as an independent young woman.

This series is for everyone who has ever cared about Starfire, wanted to be Starfire, or just wanted to see Starfire be more than eye candy. It’s fun and it’s well-written; Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti know where they want to go with it. I don’t know if anyone expects Starfire to be a huge hit, but there is enough confidence in the series to know it will be great. So I say, why not join the ride?

UPDATE: I just read the Starfire preview, and now I understand what Divergence was about. Somewhat. Maybe.

Credit: DC Comics

We Are Robin, #3

So, what hooked me on We Are Robin was the original cover with a non-dreadlocked Duke Thomas. As far as I was concerned, Duke was the first black kid to ever be Robin, and, while I will continuously stan for Dick and Damian, things like that appeal to me. We are Robin had a ridiculous amount of appeal.

The idea behind We Are Robin was that several teenagers were being recruited by a mystery handler to help fight Gotham’s crime problem. Duke, having been recently orphaned, was particularly interested in joining because it allowed him to look for his parents. In this particular issue, a horde of homeless zombies – that’s the only way I can describe these people – are unleashed on the city while our main set of Robins are busy trying to defuse bombs underground. It does not end well.

What I liked about We Are Robin is that there’s more than one Robin. Some people don’t like that, but there’s no Batman, so it’s nice to see these kids working together to better their city. We’ve only really been following a particular set of Robins for the first two issues, and we’re almost led to believe that they are the only ones. However, this issue serves to show us that there are actually quite a few more Robins hiding out in Gotham.

We Are Robin is set up to be a particularly intriguing ongoing series, however, with the way this one ended, you are asked to read next month’s issue of Batgirl to follow the story. To which I ask, will We Are Robin be on a month’s hiatus or something? Because that story was too good to just stop like that. It’s barely begun! There’s no Divergence Preview for this series- I need to know what happens!

EDIT: It’s not on hiatus; Batgirl will just be making an appearance in the next issue. I did not realize that We Are Robin drops as the end of the month, which would explain why I’m technically behind.

We Are Robin is for those of us who like the idea of Robin, but have never really cared about who actually is Robin. It’s for the kids who always wanted to be a Robin, but weren’t dark-haired orphans that lived in Gotham. Or Bruce Wayne’s son. These Robins don’t even have to be boys. It’s an awesome read, and anyone who calls themselves a Batman fan should definitely not be missing out.

Credit: Marvel

Planet Hulk, #5

Sigh. I now understand why the fangirls were pissed about this one.

In this week’s issue, Steve finally faces off with Red Hulk; we finally find out who Doc Green is; and we learn what happened to Bucky Barnes. This is the end of Planet Hulk, and it is not a good one.

Don’t get me wrong, the story makes sense. It’s well written; the hero is likable, the villain’s pretty straightforward, and the reveal was actually pretty good. However, you feel kind of cheated. It’s so hard not to spoil this comic, since Tumblr and the Stucky fangirls were so nice not to spoil it for me. However, it’s basically, “so this happened, and then we went home”.

Like, did I really just waste my $3.99 on this? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed everything up until the very end, but that ending . . . smh. My face at the end of this book was just like Steve’s on the last page: neither of us could believe that we allowed ourselves to be played by Doom like that. I am honestly hurt. Marvel owes me a canon Stucky for this.

This series is for the Stucky fangirls who need a good gut punch, and the Red Hulk fanboys that want an axe to the face. If you came for Planet Hulk, you really only need to read the first issue for the origin story curtesy of Greg Pak. This is not the worst arc to come out of Secret Wars- 98% of it is pretty good. But that ending? SMH.

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