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December 2015

There Is No Other: Leia Organa’s Viability As the Backup Plan

Originally written for Fandom Following

Somebody has probably already written this; I am aware. I personally don’t care. I’m going to talk about it anyway. In the original Star Wars trilogy, one of the big reveals was that Luke and Leia were siblings, and Leia was capable of harnessing the Jedi Force. However, that reveal is basically a throwaway comment when one realizes that Leia was never meant to be a viable option.

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#RenewMinorityReport: The Problem With Lara Vega’s Love Life

Originally written for Fandom Following

I don’t think I’ve ever been so disappointed about a show being (possibly) cancelled as I am about Minority Report. I cannot, for the life of me understand why people didn’t like it, nor am I able to find out what FOX’s final plans are for it. Supergirl just got a full season order, despite being corny as hell and not letting the title character stand on her own two feet, but FOX is leaving this groundbreaking show up in the air. Okay, that’s fine, whatever. I tweeted #RenewMinorityReport with the rest of them and I have no idea if it worked, but at least I know I tried. However, where does this show get off with not even attempting to give Lara Vega a love interest?

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The Return!!!

Whenever I take a break from any of my social media accounts, I always title the post I come back with as “The Return!!!!”. This is a tradition that I never intend to stop.

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