Whenever I take a break from any of my social media accounts, I always title the post I come back with as “The Return!!!!”. This is a tradition that I never intend to stop.

In any case, I return to this blog with three shades of blue in my hair and a hashtag to talk about last month’s comics. So please join me on Twitter tomorrow, December 4th, as I tweet about #LastMonthInComics.

With #LastMonthInComics, I will be live tweeting my reactions to all of the comics that I have missed in the month of November due to my participation in Nation Novel Writing Month. My Twitter handle is @Tiggy4Real, and I would be very happy if people joined me in this endeavor, but you don’t have to read any of the comics that I will be reading. Just use the hashtag, #LastMonthInComics and tell me about all of the comics you’ve read in November. And, if you haven’t read any comics, you can totally tweet me questions about the ones I’ll be reading.

I don’t have a set time, mostly because I have a weird sleep schedule and a long list of comics. However, 1 AM Central Standard Time is a good starting point, so any time after that is perfectly. If you are unable to join me, I will be recapping all of my tweets on Saturday.

See you tomorrow, guys!