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#RenewMinorityReport: The Problem With Lara Vega’s Love Life

Originally written for Fandom Following

I don’t think I’ve ever been so disappointed about a show being (possibly) cancelled as I am about Minority Report. I cannot, for the life of me understand why people didn’t like it, nor am I able to find out what FOX’s final plans are for it. Supergirl just got a full season order, despite being corny as hell and not letting the title character stand on her own two feet, but FOX is leaving this groundbreaking show up in the air. Okay, that’s fine, whatever. I tweeted #RenewMinorityReport with the rest of them and I have no idea if it worked, but at least I know I tried. However, where does this show get off with not even attempting to give Lara Vega a love interest?

I, like a lot of other people, went into Minority Report with the understanding that Meagan Good’s Lara Vega was a main character, along side Stark Sands’ Dashiel Parker. I also expected that, as a main character, Lara Vega would be canonically paired with someone because, like it or not, Meagan Good is a romantic lead. However, not only is Vega not allowed to have a love interest, the only people that do get one are Arthur, Dashiel, and Agatha. Which would be fine if the show was expected to return in the spring, but, because the show’s fate is still technically uncertain, that doesn’t work out.

In a season of television where Abbie Mills and Iris West are being sidelined on their own shows, it’s no surprised that Lara Vega got the same treatment. That doesn’t mean it’s right though. On a show like Minority Report, that boasted a cast full of minorities, why is it that the only people with any type of romantic liaisons are the white people? Meagan Good is regularly type-casted as the girlfriend/love interest and, while it’s nice to finally see her do something new, it is stupid of the Minority Report writers to not makes use of it.

In ten episodes, Lara Vega has been given four possible love interests: Dashiel Parker, Wilmer Valderrama’s William Blake, Nick Zano’s Arthur Watson, and some random lawyer from episode 4. No one expected Lara and Dash to work out this season, considering Dash’s inexperience with girls and human relationships. Lara’s romance with Blake was teased at as a possibility, but it was never explored and was constantly overshadowed by their competitive work relationship. Lara and Arthur were a crackship at best because they seemed to enjoy trading barbs more than anything. And there’s really no point in talking about Random Lawyer from episode 4, cute as he may have been, because the episode he might have tied into was probably cut or reshot. And there’s no point in even having these possibilities if there’s no pay out. Dash, Agatha, and Arthur all got full episodes devoted to their minor romances, whilst Vega couldn’t even get a kiss from Blake at the end of their season finale.

It’s not like this is new for FOX: Nicole Beharie is three seasons into her role as Abbie Mills on Sleepy Hollow and has yet to see a love interest, whereas Ichabod Crane has had a whole season devoted to his ex wife. So what’s the problem here? Why can’t these leading ladies be great love interests? Even if the point was to say that the two leads should be friends and not romantic partners, why not allow the female lead to have at least one date?


The Strong Black Woman trope does not work; black women are meant to be loved and rescued just like women of any other race. Lara Vega is a hero in her own right, and has taken down many a criminal this season, but she still deserves to have a love interest. She deserves to have an episode dedicated to some underlying romance either with Blake or Random Lawyer from episode 4. Even if Meagan Good deliberately asked to not have sex scenes, it still would have been nice to see her have a romantic moment with someone. It makes no sense for Vega to have so much chemistry with so many people, and not make use of it. Vega deserves to not have to suffer in silence about the things that bother her, instead of always having to run around saving people and keeping Dash’s secret.

Minority Report is a good show, and it deserves much better than what it got from its network. Lara Vega is a great character – pinched face and all – who deserves to be loved. There is no reason why FOX can’t bring the show back and try a new direction, whilst still giving Vega the chance to find love. Let’s be honest, not allowing characters like Abbie Mills and Lara Vega to have love interests is both lazy and racist. These are not asexual or aromantic characters; they’re not even attempted to be written as such. Had Vega been a white character, her list of potentials would have been facts, not possibilities.

#RenewMinorityReport because Lara Vega’s story is not over. #RenewMinorityReport because the fans don’t deserve to be left wondering about what happened to their favorite characters. If FOX wanted to wash their hands of this show, then they shouldn’t have let the ending be so ambiguous. They should have allowed Vega to have her moment, and they should have given the PreCogs a worthy sendoff. In this age of what is supposed to be better TV practices and better written shows, FOX should #RenewMinorityReport simply to tie up the loose ends that shortening the original show order created. And give Lara a romance.

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