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5 Reasons to #RenewMinorityReport

As someone who was very taken with the show, Minority Report, it will come as no surprise to anyone that I took the time to write a list of reasons as to why it should be renewed. I absolutely adored the ten episodes that we did get, but I’ll always wonder about the things that we were forced to miss out on after the season order was cut. So, in the off chance that the show is renewed or picked up by another network, I have compiled a list of things that the fans loved and need to be further explored going forward.

I write this list with the understanding that Minority Report still has not been officially cancelled. So everything talked about is written with the hope that the show can be brought back. The difference between a SERIES finale and a SEASON finale, is that the latter can always return whereas the former does not need to. Minority Report got a season finale, and it needs to return.

So here are the things that the fans would like to see further developed:


1. Akeela

Every time I watched an episode of Minority Report, I wanted to get to know more about Li Jun Li’s Akeela. How did she and Vega come to be friends? Did she really play in a gamer guild with her niece? What did her grandfather give her stock in? I would like to think that if the show had went longer we would have gotten some Akeela-centric episodes, like we did with just about everyone else. She has been a fan favorite since the show began.

Akeela was introduced to us as a tech geek who had been a hacker before getting a job with Metro PD. We were told that she had gotten face tattoos because she didn’t want to be picked up by the face scanners, but we never get the story of exactly why. If the show goes forward, I would love to see Akeela get her own storyline. I would love for her to be more than just support, maybe even have her own love interest moment.

Akeela also developed a great rapport with Wally, which I would love to see followed up on in further episodes. If Wally does end up in jail for a time, I would even like to see how it would affect their rapport – if Akeela even visits him at all. Also, I wonder how Akeela and Blake would be able to help Vega and the PreCogs if they’re supposed to continue under the guise of unassuming coworkers? Would Akeela and Blake even be able to continue with that lie?


2. Andromeda

Arthur’s favorite companion spent the entire season quietly – but menacingly – by his side, piquing the interest of many fans. We were all waiting for some kind of explanation as to how she and Arthur had come to be involved with each other, not to mention why it was that she didn’t talk. When it turned out that she could speak, fans were pissed to find out that her only words this entire season were “I’m sorry”, right before she died. It was heartbreakingly frustrating. So who was Andromeda? And why was Arthur so attached to her? Surely a renewal would be able to tell us more about her.

Andromeda is one of those moments where an identical twin, or major use of flashbacks, would be a great idea. I absolutely loved her character. Jennifer Cheon’s Andromeda had to be channeling Grace Jones with her fierceness, and we fans ate it up. I thought it was a bad idea to kill off Luca Van Zant, but losing Andromeda was a hundred times worse. Hopefully, the writers can find some way to fix that. Is cloning an option in 2065?


3. The Fallout from the finale

So Lara and the PreCogs ran away. What else? That ending was so ambiguous that I wanted to go to FOX myself for the rest of it. Where do they go? What do they do? Does the DIA keep looking for them? What happens to Wally, Blake and Akeela? What does the rest of the US look like in 2065? How long are they able to go on the run considering that neither Vega nor Dash have face tattoos? These are questions that I want answered.

Golly gee whizz, there is no way that Fox could have expected fans to be satisfied with that ending. It’s an absolute godsend if someone wanted to change the direction of the show, but, if the show is in limbo, how can the fans be expected to fully process the ending? Will Wally be tried for murder? Does Tom Cruise’s character come back for the trial? Will Blake and Akeela’s involvement be made known? There’s just so many questions to be asked here. Surely Fox plans to do something about it?


4. Earth in 2065

The thing that people loved about Star Trek is that it commented on contemporary social issues, and placed it in the future – or, in outer space at least. Minority Report tended to try and give a futuristic resolution to a lot of today’s social problems, and many people appreciated the insight. Like with Amnesty Day and the decision to change the name and mascot of Washington, D.C.’s football team from the Redskins to the Red Clouds. These are things that the people of today care about, and it’s nice to see that Minority Report took the time to comment on it.

Another thing that was well received in Minority Report, was it’s use of so many minorities. Not just as featured actors, but as extras as well. While it does look like rural America seems to still be majority white in 2065, it was nice to know that a city like Washington, D.C. on television would be as diverse looking as Washington DC in real life. There were still a ton of white actors to go around on Minority Report, but it was still nice to see the attempt made.

One last thing that people loved about Minority Report was the tech. Just about every episode had some random piece of technology that the fans absolutely adored. The selfie drones were a surprising hit, but I’ve always appreciated the virtual interface of the computers. Couple that with the contact lenses that came with a Zoom feature, and I was all in.

Minority Report gave us all something to look forward to in the future. Everybody loves to talk about how Star Trek predicted all of today’s gadgets. I can’t wait to see the things that Minority Report was able to predict.


5. Arthur’s “business”

So here’s the thing, I get that Arthur was involved the DC underworld, but I always wanted to know exactly whose side he was on. After his involvement in the murder cover up in episode 7, “Honor Amongst Thieves”, I had to wonder just how many times had Arthur done this type of stuff. Like, was he regularly covering up murders to use them to his advantage? Did he regularly steal from the rich to give it to the other rich? Exactly what was his end game?

It stands to reason that if Arthur had ties to the underworld, he would be the key to Vega and the PreCogs’ survival. Andromeda’s death had to have put a damper on things, but I refuse to believe that Arthur didn’t have a backup plan.

So, if the show was renewed, I would love to revisit Arthur’s underworld ties. I want to see exactly how it was that he got involved in it, and whether he uses his ties to keep them all from being captured. I would also like to see who the new minor villain is. It’d only be right if that person came from the underworld too.

Ultimately, this is all just wishful thinking. I continue to see that Fox hasn’t outright cancelled Minority Report, so I can only continue to consider that the show can still be saved. It was probably one of the more ambitious programs in the Fall 2015 lineup, but I feel like it was relatively well received – just not enough for FOX to be confident about it. I’d love to see it return though, if only to see it get better.

One can only hope.


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