Day 4 – The Ideal Reader

Today's topic: talk about your ideal reader.

I decided to rewrite this post because the first draft kind of derailed. It happens. I tend to write just to write these days. I really should get back to my NaNoWriMo story, but that’s neither here nor there.

I know who my readers are: fangirls, fanboys, my WordPress followers, and nosy TurkCaicians. The last two groups are inevitable because you need WordPress followers to survive on WordPress, and I myself am a nosy TurkCaician who allows her posts to show up on Facebook. However, the first two groups? I kinda identify with them.

My ideal reader is going to be the fandom nerds, because I myself am a fandom nerd and that’s what I love to write about. A lot of my most read posts have to do with fandom. I wrote a post about the Soulmate Marker trope a few years ago that dearly needs updating, but people are still reading it today.

Before my dad died, my most viewed post was one fan fic author’s exploration of the Dragon Ball Z character, ┬áPrince Vegeta. He is everyone’s favorite angst-ridden, hyper masculine fighter, and Niteryde devoted whole fics to developing the chaos that was Vegeta. I loved it. I haven’t been back to the Dragon Ball Z fandom in a while, but I can tell you that they really don’t write fics like that anymore.

In recent times, I’ve found myself writing for Fandom Following which is a site dedicated to the criticism and analysis of a lot of major fandoms. Currently, I write about Minority Report – despite it’s limbo status – and Star Wars. I’m super new to Star Wars, but I definitely have some criticisms. I read something somewhere about how we should make some of our story realistic so that the fantastical elements don’t seem too farfetched (that might be Tolkien, don’t quote me!). The problem with the reveal of Luke and Leia’s kinship is that, until the prequels, it relied too much on the fantastical.

Fight me on it. I’m ready.

In any case, part of this assignment was to write for our ideal reader and try something new. I think that the best thing for me would have been to try a video post, but I’m not quite in the mood for video blogging just yet. I wanted to upload the video of Luke telling Leia that they’re siblings, because it’s super romantic for some reason, but for some reason that video never plays outside of Youtube. Instead, I’m going to upload one of my favorite songs from SoundCloud instead. Enjoy.

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