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In addition to this blog, I also run a music Tumblr.

I haven’t written a post in about ten days, according to my stats. The funny thing about it is that I literally have a calendar full of days when I’m supposed to publish different types of posts. Technically, I have done the post that was scheduled for earlier this week, but it went to another blog entirely. I was quite serious when I said I run other blogs. In fact, I’m going to take the time to talk about one of them today.

Back in 2012, my friend Bunny got me into an artist called Allen Stone. He’s a soul singer from Washington state, who is pretty good in the studio, but absolutely phenomenal in concert. We went to see him twice that year, and, sometime between the first and second concert, Bunny and I decided to start a blog about him.

It was relatively successful, all things considered. Content wasn’t too hard to create or find because quite a few people on Tumblr loved his stuff, but no one had outright created a blog dedicated to Allen Stone yet. There was, however, one blog dedicated to the faces he made, called What Does Allen Stone Smell? It was – and still is – the most hilarious thing ever.

In any case, we had some success with our music blog. We did a few giveaways, and a couple of write ups. I made sure to have all of the concert lists posted whenever I got them, and a few videos of previously released and new music. We gained a relatively steady following, I guess. It took a while to get to one hundred followers, but by the time Allen Stone had gotten his own blog, we were big enough that whoever was running it couldn’t help but follow us.

Eventually though, I realized that we could do a lot more with the blog. Allen Stone was great, but there just wasn’t enough content to sustain us indefinitely. So I sat down with Bunny, and we decided to change up the focus of the blog. We decided to focus on underrated and underground artists: people who generally wouldn’t be mainstream or have any type of popularity. The new kids in particular. When we got into Allen Stone, he was two albums in and wholly independent, so why not keep the momentum going for the other artists?

So we set down some rules: no Grammys, and no household names. Some artists are beyond underrated and utterly Grammy-less, but so many people know about them that it would be pointless to waste content on them. Maybe if the blog was called FYeahUnderratedMusic, we could totally swing it. However, we had decided to make it FYeahUndergroundMusic because newer artists usually don’t come with management or a street team. We also made it flexible to showcase some artists from outside of the US because we recognize that it’s apparently a lot easier to make it internationally than it is here at home. In my first few weeks after the name change, I’d found quite a few artists who were from the US, but finding success elsewhere.

Since the change, we’ve grown a lot more quickly. We’re still doing some stuff on Allen Stone, but we’re getting into a lot of new artists. And it’s actually really surprising when you find out who’s doing what these days. In the last month I’ve found out that The Flash‘s Keiynan Lionsdale (Wally West) is a singer, and Game of Thrones‘ Jacob Anderson (Grey Worm) raps under the name Raleigh Ritchie.

I like it though, because it forces me to go out and find new music. It forces me to give people a chance. And when I feel like I’m low on a particular genre, I can always ask my Tumblr followers to send me some recommendations. A hundred words of my opinion on some random’s favorite artist might not mean anything to you, but that’s at least one extra play on someone’s SoundCloud or YouTube page, and it could be the one that gets them noticed by someone great. No one really knows, but I definitely think it’s worth a shot.

And so, I just wanted to tell you all about one of my side blogs in case you ever got bored one day and wanted to see what else I’m doing. I’ll leave you here with a newer song by an artist that has been recently introduced to my personal playlist. Lostboycrow has an interesting musical philosophy, but I’ve found him to be well worth a listen. Maybe you might like him too.

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