Day Fourteen – Extend Your Brand

So like, originally, when I read today’s email, I thought it was too early for me to do any branding. I mean, yea, I’ve gotten to fifty followers (Thanks guys!), but I’m not really known, you know? Who’s really interested in a lifestyle blog written by a random fangirl who hasn’t quite nailed down her regular posts? A couple of friends and some mutually following bloggers, that’s who.

Again, thank you all.

However, the farther along I read, the more I realize that I technically did work on my brand: I made a custom site icon a really long while back. So every time you’re on my blog, you can see a tiny picture of my face, circa 2014, in the browser tab. Twenty-three-year-old me was pretty cute, you know.

Still, I’ve always kinda wanted my personal icon to be something that was inherently me. I had an idea for a tattoo once. It was going to be the letter E in Old English font, encircled by a Latin phrase that I’d made up. I never got the tattoo, but I ended up wanting to make that my icon anyway. Thing is, I have no idea how to make that happen. It doesn’t help that I moved to a Macbook, and I have no idea what the Macintosh equivalent of Windows Paint is.

Someday though, I’ll figure it out and go ahead with that new icon. I might even get enough people stalking my blog to warrant a Facebook fan page. Right now though? I’m just trying to cope with Minority Report being officially cancelled. Way to go FOX, you really dropped the ball on that one.

Oh well, we can’t win ’em all.



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