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Every time I start a post about Minority Report, I do a Google search about the status of it’s cancellation. I want to be as hopeful as I can when I write these posts because I don’t think that there’s any point in me writing about a show whose fate has already been decided. The thing is, Minority Report – even two months out and with it’s lead actor on a totally different show – hasn’t been officially cancelled.

Like I’ve said, I Google search this show every time I begin a new post, and every time I see the same thing: Minority Report is all but officially cancelled. Anybody else would take that at face value and walk away, but I live in a world where shows have been brought back to life decades after their cancellation. I come from a time where cancellations were handed before the series premiere was halfway over, but Wicked City was noted as the first Fall ‘15 show to get axed after 3 episodes – in November.

Thirteen new shows were cancelled last Fall, but somehow it’s February and Minority Report has yet to join the ranks. So what does this mean for the fandom? Do we keep rallying? Do we keep up with the hashtag? Should we be writing letters to FOX and Netflix? What are we doing?

I’m not quite sure what the protocol is here, I’m still new to this sector of fandom that campaigns for things. I’m a big Iris West/Candice Patton fan, and I love to help the Iris West Defense Squad when I can, but I’ll be the first person to tell you that I was not aware of all that went into that portion of The Flash fans’ campaigning for Iris to be written like a real person. Even now I wonder who is out there campaigning for Caitlin Snow as a character totally separate from Snowbarry, Snowstorm, SnowJay, and KillerVibe.



So what needs to be done to take advantage of this waffling on FOX’s part? Because it really makes no sense. Cutting the show order usually means it’s going to be cancelled, right? If Minority Report was really cancelled, FOX would have announced it in December. Or even if they didn’t announce it, if they just quietly took it off the schedule like with the Fantastic 4 sequel, why wouldn’t they have done it by now? And if FOX was shopping the show out to another network, shouldn’t we have heard something by now? Minority Report wasn’t some monster franchise; there’s no reason that we shouldn’t have heard something by this point.

I don’t know, I’m not quite sure what needs to be done, I can only suggest that we continue on as we have before. We should keep the hashtag going, we should tweet the showrunners, actors, and everyone else involved. I can’t fault Meagan Good for continuing to book other shows while hers is on hold; the girl has to eat. We should continue with our rewatches, character analysis, metas, and fanfiction, if there is any.

We should keep going as a fandom if only just to show the studio that people are still interested, whilst they figure out what to do to make the show better. And if Minority Report finally does get it’s official cancellation? We should keep going even then. In this age of Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix, many a show has been revived and reborn. And if that doesn’t happen for Minority Report, we can still appreciate it for what it is: ambitious science fiction that dared to show America what it could be.

A show like that deserves to be renewed.


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