So I’m actually behind on my posting schedule, and need to play catch up. Last year, a friend of mine was nice enough to get me a book of 300 writing prompts from Half Priced Books. I feel like it was a Christmas present, but September to December was a blur to me so it might have been a birthday gift.

In any case, the prompt I chose asks me to “write about something presently in your life that is ‘worth it'”.

I think my fandom writing is definitely the thing that I consider “worth it”. I don’t get paid for it, although my mother wishes I did, but I like that other people appreciate it.

My adventures in fandom began about thirteen years ago with my introduction to fanfiction. I took in so much of it, that I remember wanting to do my dissertation on it. I love the evolution of fandom that I was around to see, but I’d really love to research how it’s grown since the Trekkies ushered in Modern Fandom in the ’60s.

I recently got into writing metas when I joined the crew over at Fandom Following. I remember getting the original proposition and not being sure that I would be able to do it, but now people are reading my two thousand word essays on Anakin Skywalker and liking it.

I consider my writing as therapeutic, but it is only within the last year that I’ve taken major pains to stop writing about personal things. It’s been a process, but I’m getting better at. I am really making a point to get back to writing stories, but, again, it’s a process.

In any cases, in the process of thinking about this prompt, I also thought about my current favorite gospel song, “Worth” by Anthony Brown & group therAPy. I like to listen to it when I just need to be cheered up.