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March 2016

The Bait and the Vessel: The Dynamic of Vader and Sidious

Originally written for FandomFollowing/ The Fandomentals.

As a fangirl, I believe in Canon Immersion. Canon Immersion is the need to intake everything in a series that can be considered canon, so that when you talk/write/etc. about it, you are coming from a place of fact. That way any type fandom speculation you come up with will always have a valid basis.

If no one has coined this term yet, let me be the first. If someone has, or this exists in another form already, such is life. I just came here to talk about Star Wars.

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Top 5 Wednesdays: Books I Did Not Finish

Once again, I wanted join in for a round of Top 5 Wednesdays. I’ve missed most of the month, but my plans for today were cancelled, so I decided to catch up.

There are a ton of book that I have not finished, for a number of different reasons, but these were the ones at the very top of my head. You’ll notice that a couple of them are literary classics, but when did that ever stop something from being boring?

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I need to play catchup with my posting schedule, and I have extra room in my daily word count, so I decided to participate in the Daily Prompt. The one word prompts usually never work for me, but this one is something that I love.

When I see the word shelf, I immediately think about the bookshelves in my room. They’re all deep brown and wooden, and go really well with the light blue paint on my walls. My favorite, though, is the custom-made, ceiling -high piece in the corner that’s the first thing you see when you walk into my room.

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The Gang’s All Here – The Riverdale Casting pt. II

Originally written for Fandom Following.

So it wasn’t until I began to write this post that I realized that, by the time it goes up, it will have been about a full month since I’ve written something for Fandom Following. And, let me tell you, I haven’t done much in the time I’ve had to rest. I had all of the plans to be productive and work on my craft, but just about most of them did not happen.

However, there was one thing that I made sure to keep up with. A small spattering of casting announcements for an upcoming CW show that only hardcore dorks like me would care about.

That’s right, kids. We’re going to talk about the Riverdale casting announcements.

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I had originally intended to have this posted for yesterday, but it actually plays to the message that I’m writing you that it won’t actually be posted until it’s done.

When the year started, I had given myself a ton of expectations. I felt like goals were too easy to give up on, but if I expected myself to do particular things, then I would be much more likely to follow through. So I wrote down a full list of things that I had expected to do in 2016.

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Teen Titans (2011 [Vol. IV]) Vol. 2 – The Culling

I just want to preface this by saying that I skipped a Top 5 Wednesday post to write this, and it will not count as my Friday Read. There are problems with this book, so I won’t be recommending it without the other volumes. Therefore we’ll call this post a review.

So last week I read the first volume of the 2011 Teen Titans run because I have been a fan of this group since I was a teenager myself. Whether they call themselves Teen Titans, grown-up Titans, or Young Justice, you can bet I’ll be somewhere rooting them on. I like team books because they allow you to focus on more than one person. Like, I get bored with solo books because focusing on one character can get boring really quickly. However, you will never hear me complain too much about We Are Robin, simply because I have something like five Robins to read about at any given time.

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