I need to play catchup with my posting schedule, and I have extra room in my daily word count, so I decided to participate in the Daily Prompt. The one word prompts usually never work for me, but this one is something that I love.

When I see the word shelf, I immediately think about the bookshelves in my room. They’re all deep brown and wooden, and go really well with the light blue paint on my walls. My favorite, though, is the custom-made, ceiling -high piece in the corner that’s the first thing you see when you walk into my room.

I love my room. It’s set up exactly the way that I want it to be, with everything in it’s place. It’s the basis for what I want my future apartment to look like. The thing that I love most about my room though is my bookshelves, because I love to show people my books.

I have different shelves for different things: my comics get one shelf, my manga gets another; three shelves on the custom piece are dedicated to authors that I own more than one book from. One shelf is for books I haven’t read yet, another is for books I’ve read for school, and yet another is for books I’ve gotten from my days of reviewing teen books for HarperCollins.

I’m just so proud of my things, and I love to show them off to people and then talk about it. Maybe that’s an issue that I should look deeper into, but I personally don’t care. I don’t feel like I’m materialistic, but I can’t help it if I love my stuff. There’s no buyer’s remorse over here.

Even without my 582+ book collection, I think I’d still like shelves because I’m, low key, an organizer. Organizing helps me to function better, and shelves are really good for organization. I have a public shelf just for perfumes and lotions, and a private, cabinet shelf just for my excess cosmetics. I’m not really trying to hide anything, I just like utilizing the space.

I don’t know, the need to have a particular space for everything is high on my list of must-haves. Like, I like tiny-houses because they require you to do more with less space and organization is key, but I hate tiny-houses because I refuse to throw my stuff away.

I’m not a hoarder, but I very rarely give things away. I have a Gundam Wing poster of Heero Yuy and the Wing Zero still in it’s case in my closet from when I bought it two years ago. The only reason it hasn’t gone up yet is because I haven’t measured it for a frame. I have every intention of hanging it up though.

I like shelves; they serve two good purposes in my life: organization and display. The same way I like my blog posts listed on my calendar with the url to say where and when they were posted, is the same way that I like to see my favorite things on a shelf in a particular-to-me order. It’s all makes me feel more accomplished, and that’s very relaxing.


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