I’ve been wanting to read this comic ever since I played the video game for two seconds. The funny thing is, I never really got the gist of it from the game because I’d never actually seen it in story mode. Every time I played it, it was against one of my friends. And then, when I finally decided to read the comic, no store ever had Volume 1.

I don’t even remember how I got a hold of the copy that I have now. I’m pretty sure there was a sale involved, and my comic book store might have been hyping up some random comic book event, but I was just too happy to finally get my hands on Volume 1 that I just did not care.

In Tom Taylor’s Injustice: Gods Among Us, Superman suffers a tragic even that causes him to change how he deals with Earth’s conflicts. With Wonder Woman at his right hand, Superman leads members of the Justice League to police the rest of the world and it’s internal conflicts. Batman, however, does not agree with Superman’s decision. Absolutely power does, in fact, corrupt absolutely.

So I’ve had time to think this trade over since reading it on Sunday, and something hit me last night in the midst of watching Batman v Superman for the second time. Tom Taylor’s Injustice is almost like Mark Waid’s Kingdom Come, in that the world is ultimately affected by the choices Superman makes after the death of Lois Lane.

Think about it. In Kingdom Come, Lois Lane is killed by a stray bullet, I believe. Superman’s answer to that is to go into seclusion as a farmer somewhere outside of Metropolis. In Injustice, Lois Lane’s death is caused by The Joker (and Superman) and causes the destruction of Metropolis. Superman’s answer to that is to police the world. Both stories have a type of superhero Civil War (DC’s just much better about names). Both stories even have the possibility of a Superman/ Wonder Woman hookup, with Kingdom Come being much more successful in that regard.

One could even say, if they only read this first volume, that Injustice could even possibly lead to another version of Kingdom Come. I doubt that that’s where DC is going, but wouldn’t that be awesome?

There were moments in Injustice that got too real for my blood, especially when it came to the Bat Family. I also did not like the portrayal of Wonder Woman, and now ultimately hate the Superman/Wonder Woman pairing. It is ultimately telling us that because Lois Lane is so integral to the Superman mythos, Wonder Woman will always be second best when it comes to him. Diana deserves so much better than second best. Even Batman had a much more flexible enough love life to allow her dominance.

Still, I liked Injustice. I mean, I knew I would like it, but it is now one of the few books on my Goodreads accounts that has a five star rating. Injustice Volume 1 is phenomenal in its delivery. It is truly one of a kind, and I am excited to continue the series.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has ever bothered to care about Superman, or even anyone who has bothered to watch Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. If only so you could understand that movie just a little better.

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