This Week In Comics – April 11, 2016

T'Challa's got an uprising, Melissa's gone crazy, Miles' got his grandma, and Archie's got his Reggie. Everybody's got problems this week.

In an effort to shorten my monthly round up of comics on my pull list, I have decided to try to do some weekly installments when I can. It means shorter posts, but at least they’ll be timely.

These comics were all released on Wednesday, April 6th, so I think I’m still well within my right to title this post This Week in Comics, instead of Last Week.

Archie (2016) #7

Cover by Veronica Fish (Photo Credit: Comicosity)

Like I said last week, Archie seems to have skipped a month, possibly because of the release of the first trade. If you have not been reading the current run of Archie, I would suggest that you head to your nearest comic book store and pick up a copy. I promise you that you will like it.

Before I get into the summary, I have to say that there’s something up with the Archie Comics website. So, I tend to catalogue all of my book purchases and, when I put them in the Excel file, I usually put a link to where it can be bought – usually from the publisher if it’s a comic. When I was cataloguing Jughead #5, I noticed that Archie Comics did not have a link for it. I figured they would fix it eventually, but it was still an issue when I did the write up last week. Then, when I went to catalogue this issue of Archie, it wasn’t on the site either, despite there being a link on the main page for it. I don’t know what’s going on over at Archie Comics, but they need to sort that out real quick.

In this month’s issue of Archie, Mr. Lodge and Reggie have decided to band together and form an anti-Archie Andrews coalition. Betty has finally moved on to a new boo, while Archie and Jughead make up to enact some revenge. And lastly, Archie Comics introduces the hashtag #WhatDidReggieDo.

So y’all, I enjoyed the hell out of this issue. Betty got to have a new boo, Archie felt some type of way about it, and Pop got to be great for two seconds. It never hit me how integral Pop was to the Riverdale community, but this week’s episode was a moment in the sunshine for him.

I really liked that Archie had a moral dilemma about Reggie’s record. I’m so used to seeing him as this good guy – polygamy aside – that even having him being tempted to do this thing is very interesting to watch. I like knowing that he decided to do right. I even liked him going beyond the fourth wall and having the fans tweet the company about it.

Once again, Archie Comics goes above and beyond to stay current.

Black Panther (2016) #1

Cover by Brian Stelfreeze (Photo Credit: Marvel)

So when Marvel said that they were going to start a new Black Panther on-going series, I was immediately on board. I’ve never read a thing from Ta-Nehisi Coates in my life, but he was happy when he got the job so I am happy for him. Anything that could lend to a great Black Panther movie is a good thing to me.

So in this inaugural issue of Black Panther, T’Challa faces a nation of people that are no longer sure of him. Wakanda is divided, and Wakandans are ashamed. T’Challa has no idea how to stop it from getting any worse than it already is. If there is a way to stop it from getting worse.

The last time I read a Black Panther comic was when I picked up a Christopher Priest trade last summer. Some people will tell you that that was the best run, while others will tell you that you need to go read Reginald Hudlin’s run. Personally, I’m still getting into the character, so I can only vote for Priest because he’s the only one I’ve read.

Either way, you’re getting a good story.

Ta-Nehisi Coates presents us with a T’Challa that is faced with a problem. His kingdom has been devastated and they think that he is too weak. They are already at the point of mutiny, so T’Challa is tasked with both beating them all into submission and regaining their trust.

It’s hard out here for a king.

So far I like it. I like that T’Challa doesn’t immediately come off as this guy that has everything in hand. We already know that Black Panther is great; why not let him struggle a bit?

I like that we’re getting to see the Dora Milaje in action. Are they mutinous? Sure. Is this the worst time? Very much. However, if you want people to believe that Black Panther is great, you have to have him beat some insurmountable odds. And the odds are very much stacked against him.

I look forward to seeing where this series goes.

The Discipline #2

Cover by Leandro Fernandez (Photo Credit: Image Comics)

Damn, Melissa!

In this month’s issue of The Discipline, Melissa starts to come into her powers a little bit. After trying to figure out what happened with Orlando, she is led on a hunt for the Stalker. Except, the Stalker has a message for her.

Listen, Melissa had quite a few moments in this month’s issue. She needs to take some Xanax or something, because whatever the Discipline did to her has left her a bit rattled. Lord knows how her marriage will survive.

I’m still a bit confused about what’s going on in this story, but they have another 3 to 4 issues to straighten me out. I need to know exactly what the deal is with the Discipline and the Stalker, and why the Peake sisters are important.

Spider-Man (2016) #3

Cover by Sarah Pichelli (Photo Credit: Marvel Comics)

In this month’s issue of Spider-Man, Miles deals with his grandmother. Black Cat makes a deal with Hammerhead, and Ms. Marvel makes an appearance. Fabian Medina also transfers in.

I don’t read enough X-Men to be able to comfortably tell you what Fabian Medina’s codename is, but I refuse to believe it is Goldballs. If it is, God needs to strike down whoever it was that named him.

In any case, I appreciated his inclusion if only because I do not like the treatment of mutants in the current Marvel arrangement. I also appreciated the way in which he was introduced.

In other news, I appreciated the moment with Miles’ grandmother. Everything she did had me dying laughing because it reminded me so much of my own grandmother. However, I wondered why he didn’t call her “abuela” since she was so obviously Hispanic. I couldn’t tell if it was a Puerto Rican thing, or Bendis just not knowing how to write minorities. Whatever it was, it was odd, but the overall scene was relatable.

Shoutout to Miles’ mom for just dealing with it, and Miles’ dad for leaving before having a shouting match with his mother-in-law. Jefferson was not having it.

So that’s it for this week. I only had the four of these ready to go in my pull list, and nothing else caught my eye. One thing I can say was that they were all pretty good, and not at all disappointing. That’s always a good look.

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All images courtesy of Archie Comics, DC, Image, and Marvel.

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