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May 2016

Your Problematic Fave: Korean Dramas

Originally written for Fandom Following. 

Hello All,

Greetings from Korean Drama Hell!

So last month, I told you all about my first foray into foreign television and Korean Entertainment Products with Boys Over Flowers. Because of that post, one of my readers was nice enough to share with me her experience with the source material, Hana Yori Dango, as well as other Asian Dramas. She also got me thinking about something: there was a ton of problematic messages being conveyed in Boys Over Flowers, despite its popularity. And it’s not just Boys Over Flowers, these things show up in quite a few other K-dramas.

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In My Room

So I’m a couple of days behind with Every Day Inspiration, and I wanted to do Day Six because of how it connects to something later on down the road.

I write in my room because it’s my safe space. The walls are a light blue, and the furniture is a mahogany brown. I’m surrounded by my books, music, movies, and everything else that comforts me. Sometimes I feel like I’m in here too much, but I’m also at my most comfortable here. So I think it just depends.

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Last Month In Comics – April 2016 pt. 2

So last month, I was not able to review all of my April pull list because of personal issues. Thankfully, this month I got all of my comics, and am now able to play catch up.

I will more than likely be doing a big round up post for the May installment of “This Month In Comics”, but that won’t be until sometime after next Wednesday. I don’t like the idea of these posts being so close together.

April saw the end of a few arcs, and even one series, as well as a writer change for a title that is somehow managing to survive the reboot. With DC Rebirth right around the corner, I expect a few places on my pull list will be emptying out in order to accommodate some new additions. While I don’t agree with the ending of some of these books, I’m optimistic about beginning the newer ones.

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(Play) List

Day 2 of the Every Day Inspiration course asked that we write a list, but I didn’t feel like actually writing a list, so here’s the current F Yeah Underground Music playlist from my Soundcloud. I doubt that anyone could like all of it – because I sure didn’t – but some of it might sound good, and that’s all that matters.


Why Do You Write / Why Do You Blog

Recently (yesterday), I decided to try another Blogging University course because I really wanted to up the productivity of my blog. While a lot of these posts will be able to be publicly seen, I won’t be sharing them much because they’re basically practice. So if you like them, thanks, but I personally won’t care if nobody sees them. This particular post is one of those entries.

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Whenever I think about the word “healthy”, I think about the different aspects of life that need to become that way. You should have a healthy mental state; you should have healthy relationships; you should have a healthy appetite and body; you should be healthy.

Here’s the thing: how does one get to be healthy?

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Last Month in Comics – April 2016

I guess I should begin this one by saying that this is actually not all of my April comics. I’m pretty sure that I’m missing a few of my subscriptions, but I’m just going to take the hit for the moment simply because that’s how my life is right now.

By the time this goes up it should be the 8th of May, so I hope that everyone has a great Mother’s Day.

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#FridayReads – Legend

I actually read this about two weeks ago, and I almost didn’t even bother to review it, but I tend to not put any books back on the shelf until I’m finished with them. And I’m not finished with a book until I review it.

I have gained some interesting blogging habits, but they seem to be working out.

In Marie Lu’s Legend, two teenagers get caught up in a government scheme when one is framed for the murder of the other’s elder brother. In this dystopian series, children in The Republic are tested on their tenth birthday. Those who pass are placed into their assigned futures; those who fail essentially disappear. But there is something wrong with this system, and June and Day are the ones who are going to figure it out.

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