Whenever I think about the word “healthy”, I think about the different aspects of life that need to become that way. You should have a healthy mental state; you should have healthy relationships; you should have a healthy appetite and body; you should be healthy.

Here’s the thing: how does one get to be healthy?

I don’t think that there’s a clear way to do it. So many things about you need to be healthy, and what works for you doesn’t work for everyone else. Some people need their religion, some people need to workout more, and some people just need to cleanse their friend list.

I think  it’s all just a matter of figuring out what you need to work on, and how you go about making that thing healthy.

So what about you needs to be healthy?


  1. You are so right, in order to become healthy you have to work on various areas in your life, heart, mind and soul. Exercise, thoughts, nutrition, relationships…you name it. Just take one day at a time and figure out what works best for you. We all are a work in progress. I continue every day to exercise which for me is easy now. I love to workout everyday. My eating choices still need monitoring to continue to eat healthy. My thoughts are cleaned up but I continue to make positive thoughts and try not to let negative thoughts creep in. Here’s to a healthy life!


  2. I agree, so many different people and outlets try to tell you what healthy is and that it’s a one-size-fits-all sort of thing, but really I think everyone has their own unique journey to discovering what healthy looks like for them, and I think the journey never ends!


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