Why Do You Write / Why Do You Blog

Recently (yesterday), I decided to try another Blogging University course because I really wanted to up the productivity of my blog. While a lot of these posts will be able to be publicly seen, I won’t be sharing them much because they’re basically practice. So if you like them, thanks, but I personally won’t care if nobody sees them. This particular post is one of those entries.

I write because I have something to say. Sometimes I don’t really have anything to say, but there’s a lot going on in my head and I just need to get it out. I write because if I don’t put this thought down now, it won’t be accessible to me later. I write because somethings just need to be written.

I blog because it’s productive, and it’s very true to the things that I love. I blog about books because it keeps me remotely regular. I blog about fandom (or entertainment products) because I love to talk about them. I blog about life when I’m not feeling too vulnerable. But I really like to blog. I have so many damned blogs.

I want to write fantasy, but I feel like I don’t have the right words for it. I want to world-build, and get political, but I’m not quite sure how I’ll be able to do it. I also want to write some horror. I think horror is an interesting genre, the more realistic, the better. Nobody wants a self-contained horror with a convenient way to stop things from happening. Horrors need to be messy and fucked up. People should die in the first movie at least. Horrors should tell a deeper story.

You want more It Follows, and less The Darkness.

Speaking of that, does anyone remember The Gallows? That was a good horror indulgence. A few plot discrepancies, and no need for a sequel, but you could tell there was a love for the genre. Movies like that can inspire horror writers.

NOTE: I realize that all of The Darkness and The Gallows have a tenth of a point difference between them, but, trust me, The Gallows makes much more sense story-wise than The Darkness does. That tenth of a point is everything.

I write because I don’t want to give up on writing. Everyday brings a need to better strengthen my craft. Every day’s writing is necessary to build my word count. Every blog is necessary to build my focus. Praise is definitely a must and always appreciated.

I write because sometimes it’s nice to make these indulgent posts that don’t make any damn sense, but we write them anyway because we just need to post more. And I definitely need to post more.

I write because sometimes 15 minutes is enough time to write 500 words, and sometimes it’s barely enough time to write 50. I write just to get out, because even nonsense is necessary. Sometimes we have to write through the nonsense to get to the things that we actually want to say.


  1. Horror needs a breathing storyline. A real sense of suddenness and authenticity. A thinking psychopath with dedication. I’ll have to look for “The Gallows” I’m a fiction person. I hope to have my little horror ideas finished properly someday.

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    1. Okay so maybe that’s why the Gallows has a low score. They don’t explain how the killer becomes able to commit the murders, but I still think it’s one of the better horrors to come out of Blumhouse Productions.

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      1. Another reason could be people don’t want to think. Ask a slasher person about Psycho and you get the shower scene. The idea he has mother upstairs doesn’t get any credit. That’s why some ratings can’t judge


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