Last Month In Comics – April 2016 pt. 2

So last month, I was not able to review all of my April pull list because of personal issues. Thankfully, this month I got all of my comics, and am now able to play catch up.

I will more than likely be doing a big round up post for the May installment of “This Month In Comics”, but that won’t be until sometime after next Wednesday. I don’t like the idea of these posts being so close together.

April saw the end of a few arcs, and even one series, as well as a writer change for a title that is somehow managing to survive the reboot. With DC Rebirth right around the corner, I expect a few places on my pull list will be emptying out in order to accommodate some new additions. While I don’t agree with the ending of some of these books, I’m optimistic about beginning the newer ones.

So let’s begin:

Cyborg (2015), #10

Cover by Guillem March (Photo Credit: DC Comics)

In this issue, we find out how it was that Cyborg’s mom was able to come back as a hologram. We also conclude the Cybertech saga.

Listen, I’m not going to bother going to deep into the summary because there really wasn’t too much going on with this month’s issue. David F. Walker has apparently exited the series with issue #9, and Marv Wolfman seems to be coming in to finish it off. It’s nice that Mr. Wolfman was able to come in and do that last three issues of this title, but I don’t know what could be said in these next two issues that would make the last ten any more sensible.

For all that there were no major plot issues with David F. Walker’s run of Cyborg, It never seemed to catch on with me. I won’t be surprised if it’s ultimately considered a stepping stone for the character, but a largely ignorable read for the fans. I don’t know if Walker was only contracted to do nine issues, or if he just realized that his heart was in Power Man and Iron Fist, but his lack of love for Cyborg definitely hurt the story.

I have hope for the next Cyborg series simply because DC seems to have enough faith in it to start a new run. However, if it ends up sucking, I’m going to need DC to go back to the drawing board with it. I don’t know if it’s the acquisition of a talented writer that’s also a fan, or a new direction for the character, but there’s no reason that Cyborg can’t be great.


Insexts, #5

Cover by Ariela Kristantina and Bryan Valenza (Photo Credit: Comixology)

In this month’s issue, we admit that Lady Bertram has no first name. We also learn more about The Hag and Religious Wolf Guy. Also, we finally get rid of the sister-in-law.

Honestly, at this point, the whole house knows what Lady Bertram and Mariah have been getting up to, and are perfectly fine covering it all up. Seriously, the servants are super loyal; I’m pretty sure both they and the doctor know exactly who killed Lord Bertram. And none of them care.

Even the villain’s in on it.

I am interested in what’s going on with The Hag. She apparently gets off on pain whilst running a brothel, which is very upsetting when you think about it. However, The Hag doesn’t really seem to be interested in what’s going on at the Bertram household as long as she’s being supplied with bodies. I don’t understand how she got caught up with Religious Wolf Guy and his brotherhood, but I am interested in seeing how that works out.

Also, whoever thought up the idea of a religious order of werewolves from Lebanon is an absolute genius. Ideas like that are what’s keeping the minor publishers in business.


Limbo, #6

Cover by Caspar Wijngaard (Photo Credit: Image Comics)

In this issue, I guess we’ve come to a close? Saturday and Mama Legba force Clay to choose his own fate, or lose Sandy.

So I’m kind of confused as to what happened in this issue. I honestly thought that Sandy was some new dude in the first few pages. I was wondering if a new arc had started while I wasn’t paying attention.

I agree that Saturday won, but the reason he won seems to be more in Mama Legba’s favor. It’s weirdly confusing, and it doesn’t help that the ending seems a bit ambiguous. I think I just have to reread the entire thing now that I have all of the issues.

If this is the end, then this was definitely an interesting story. I enjoyed the artwork and I even learned some things along the way. I would love to see this keep going, but if the writer doesn’t want to beat a dead horse, then I definitely won’t push.

Still, it’d be nice to see what happens next.


Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, #6

Cover by Amy Reeder (Photo Credit: Marvel Comics)

In this issue, Lunella and her mom have a conversation that leads them to better understand each other. The Killer Folk are still running amuck, but Lunella is finally able to get the Nightstone. Unfortunately, Lunella also gets caught up in a Terrigen Mist.

A friend of mine (NERDAMANIA) looked me up when he got his hands on this issue to see if I had read it yet. He found the ending to be a bit sad, and I can totally understand that, but I found it to be worrying. I’ve never been a fan of the current iteration of Inhumans – because I refuse to believe that they’re anything like Blackbolt and the Inhumans, despite not knowing much about that version either – but the way in which the Terrigen Mists mess with people’s DNA is scary. Like, X-genes are ultimately adaptive because all of your powers are expected to grow and be mastered as you grow and master yourself. Whereas having your Inhuman gene be instantly activated by the Terrigen Mists is a rapid change that could stress your systems.

I am not about messing with the genetic development of children. And who’s to say that your now active Inhuman gene will not reek havoc on your immune system.

It really doesn’t help that they also kill mutants.

Other than that, I was happy to see some of the issues with Lunella’s parents were resolved. I was almost afraid that something would happen to them, but I think having Lunella have to face her fear of the Terrigen Mists was a good way to finish this arc.

Here’s to hoping that Lunella’s Inhuman gene is something that she can adapt to.


Patsy Walker, AKA Hellcat! (2015), #5

Cover by Brittany L. Williams, Megan Wilson, and Jay Bowen (Photo Credit: Marvel Comics)

In this issue, Hedy Wolfe moves to dismiss Patsy’s lawsuit. She-Hulk is called to help out Hellcat and Valkyrie in their fight with Casiolena (whom I thought was Enchantress). And Jessica Jones makes an appearance.

I like this issue in particular because it comes after a friend of mine had a discussion with me about the use of Jessica Jones in the Power Man and Iron Fist comic. I personally believe that Jessica only needs to be Luke Cage’s wife at this particular time in the comic, but my friend doesn’t like how she’s currently being portrayed. So it’s nice to see that she’s still running her Private Investigation business in Hellcat! I’m pretty sure it will come up later in Power Man and Iron Fist as well.

I need to know what the deal is between Patsy and Hedy. Like, what is this beef about really? I do think it’s shady that Hedy paid off everyone but Patsy for the use of their likenesses, however, it really sounds like there was bad blood on both ends.

I guess we’ll see what’s up in the next issue.


We Are Robin (2015), #11

We Are Robin #11 Variant Cover by John Romita Jr. (Photo Credit: GoCollect)

I just want to say that Dax Chill is a hell of a name.

In this issue, the “Rise of the Jokers” arc finally ends, but we’re also left wondering about the conclusion of the series’ run.

I will not give away the ending of the “Rise of the Jokers”, but I will say that it kind of brings the Robins back together. Now, where they go from this point is entirely up to the writers, but I’m very much aware that there’s only one more issue left in the series.

I would love for We Are Robin to continue, but I’d also like to see the series end with a satisfying conclusion. This series has been one of DC’s better, if not best, offerings of the 2015/2016 cycle, and I am truly sad to see it go.

Here’s hoping that DC will bring it back at some point in the future.

Thank you for once again joining for yet another installment of Last Month in Comics. Hopefully all of the May comics will be in one post.

If you would like to keep up with me and my adventures in appreciating the many different types of literature, please be sure to subscribe to this blog. If you just want to chat with me about these particular comics, make sure to hit me up in the comment section.

All images courtesy of Aftershock, DC Comics, Image Comics, and Marvel Comics.

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