In My Room

The place where I do the most writing.

So I’m a couple of days behind with Every Day Inspiration, and I wanted to do Day Six because of how it connects to something later on down the road.

I write in my room because it’s my safe space. The walls are a light blue, and the furniture is a mahogany brown. I’m surrounded by my books, music, movies, and everything else that comforts me. Sometimes I feel like I’m in here too much, but I’m also at my most comfortable here. So I think it just depends.

Every time I think about my bedroom, I think about the Beach Boys’ song “In My Room”. In my freshman year of college, I took a course on the History of Rock Music that included a segment on the Beach Boys and an entire unit on the Beatles. Unfortunately for my teacher, while I grew to appreciate the Beatles, I was already a big Beach Boys fan and only grew to love their music more.

So anyway, my History of Rock Music teacher had taught us about how The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson was inspired by the Beatles when he began to write material for Pet Sounds. The Beatles’ Paul McCartney would then be inspired to write Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (the album) after listening to Pet Sounds. According to my teacher, Paul McCartney would lay in bed, in a room by himself, with the record player next to him, and stop and start the record so that he could hear everything that Brian Wilson had put into the production of that album.

Even though “In My Room” wasn’t on the Pet Sounds album, I think about that story every time I listen to it.

I’m probably telling this wrong: my brain always wants to correct it to Brian Wilson playing the instrumentals for “In My Room” whilst staring up at his ceiling until the lyrics finally came to him. Still, I appreciate the hell out of the song because it’s such an introvert anthem, and I can relate to that.

In any case, the intent of this post’s assignment was to get some reader interaction. On my About page, I’ve listed a number of ways that you can get into contact with me. I’d like for you to use one of those ways to tell me about something that you’d like for me to write about. Somewhere around day 15, I’ll pick a prompt and write about it. More then likely I’ll also keep the others for another time.

Another way that you can get into contact with me is to fill out the contact form that I’ve added to the end of this posts. I have no idea if this will work, but I am definitely interested in seeing what happens. Until then, you should listen to┬áthe Beach Boys singing “In My Room”.

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