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June 2016

Adventures in Fangirling: Blind Fandom

Originally written for Fandom Following.

I used to be a John Campea fan. I listened to his podcast when it was AMC Movie Talk, I cried with him when he quit to do something else, and I even made the switch when the crew moved to Collider. I may have put money into his Kickstarter. I put a good bit of thought into rolling with him when he decided to do his own thing whilst also covering San Diego Comic Con, because I liked John Campea’s opinions about films and television. I also agreed heavily with something that he had once said about fandom.

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#FridayReads – June 10, 2016

This week (and last) I read a ton of trades that I thought were just amazing. So I rounded them all up, and put them here.

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This Month In Comics – May 2016

Hey All!

I am back again with the whole of my May pull list: 16 issues from 16 different comics. I refuse to call this Last Month In Comics because I wrote majority of it while we were still in May, and June starts on New Comic Book Day. Deal with it.

This (last) month, two of my favorite comics ended! Also, Steve Rogers came back as a White Supremacist, and I actually liked a Cyborg issue. Crazy month, this May was.

Let’s begin!

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