Talking Heads

Ever since I started listening to podcasts, my goal has been to actually get on one.

Ever since I started listening to podcasts, my goal has been to actually get on one. I eventually want to have one of my own, but I figured being on someone else’s would at least start the process. Last month, my dream came true and I got to guest on 2 podcasts and one video cast all within a 3 week timeframe.

Here’s the results:


Comic Book Boom Boom happened to be at my comic book store, Bedrock City Comics, during the midnight release of DC’s Rebirth. The host was talking to customers and the store’s employees about what they were looking forward to as far as the new releases. My CBG, James, knew that me and my friend, Dee, had wanted to be on a podcast, so he was nice enough to point us out to the host. We come in at about 35:15.

It’s not a secret that I write for Fandom Following. I deliberately have a page of my blog dedicated to listing all of the articles I have written for them, or have been involved in writing for them. The main editors of Fandom Following also have a podcast called Fanwankers that I was supposed to guest on earlier in the year, but the timing didn’t work out. This time, however, I was able to join in.

Nerdamania and I actually go back a few years because of mutual friends. Before starting Nerdamania, he actually used to host a podcast called Jim’s Movies and Junk, a few years back. We had actually been talking about doing a round table video cast for a few weeks, and the first try didn’t work out so well, but the second try turned out pretty good. Don’t mind my face, I’m very much aware that I need to go invest in a desk.

I haven’t done any pod or video casts since then, but I’m still going to keep hope alive while I work on my updating skills and creating a brand. Let me know what you think of my first few appearances. Do you think I should take a shot at starting my own podcast, or should I refine my contributor skills a bit more by guesting on other people’s?


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