Would you believe me if I said that I’ve been trying to write this post for three weeks now? If I only make it to 250 words, you gotta let me live, okay? Okay.

So this week for #FridayReads, I chose to talk about fanfiction. Also, shoutout to L Jones Edition for starting this community blogging event. I don’t know that last time I tagged their wordpress, but I’m going to try to do better going forward.

So anyways, I like fanfiction. I know that I say that a lot, but you have to understand that I read the stuff like every day. The entire reason that I am so big on fandom is because I partake in the consumption of fanfiction. I love new headcanons, I read a ton of meta, and I even just wrote my first big fan theory. I’m just out here checking off all of the points on my fangirl list.

So this Friday, I’m going to read a ton of fanfiction, as I just found a few new good ones and some of my older ones have recently been updated. I don’t read fanfiction for every fandom, just the stories based on the characters and relationships that I think are worth exploring.

At any given time, I am reading a Stucky fic, a Jonsa fic, or a Westallen fic because I love those pairings in just about any situation. I have recently been introduced to Hasil, but not a lot of people watch Outsiders, much less write fic for it, so I’m being very slow in how I make my way through the selection that is there. It’s relatively nice though; of the 23 Outsiders fics on Archive of Our Own, every single one of them are Hasil. 
So no big post today, just this little one to keep me regular. If you’re wondering about the type of fics I read, you should take a lot at my Fanfiction Reviews page. Or, if you just want to see what other kind of writing I do, you should look at my Fandom Following page. Or, you know, you can just leave a comment on this post and we can have a mini chat. Whatever works for you.