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Earlier this year I met an author at work, and I told him that I would review his book on my blog. I figured I was pretty okay at this reviewing thing, and his book shouldn’t have been a problem. Except it was.

So I begin this post with an apology, both to my readers and to a particular writer. I haven’t written a damn thing on this blog, or any of my other blogs, since I’ve come home, and I have no good reason as to why. I didn’t have writer’s block, I don’t work so much that I couldn’t make the time, and, even if I’m not reading novels, I’m still reading a ton of fanfiction. But I haven’t been writing, and that really sucks.

Earlier this year I met an author at work, and I told him that I would review his book on this blog. Honestly, it was an attempt to get myself back into the hang of it. I figured I was pretty okay at this reviewing thing, and his book shouldn’t have been a problem. Except it was.

See, the book in question was Britt Alan’s Tiananmen Ascending. It’s a geo-political action thriller about- you know what? It doesn’t matter what it’s about because the summary alone told me that it wasn’t my genre. Unfortunately, I was too hard-headed to listen.

Still, I had given my word, and I’m a bit particular about that. If I say that I’m going to do something, then I believe I should do it. And, for the most part, I do it. Maybe not right away, but I generally make a point of keeping my promises. However, thirty-nine pages into this endeavor proved that I was not going to make it.

Don’t get me wrong, the book wasn’t terrible, it just wasn’t my genre. It also wasn’t written for me. If you like reading about fighting terrorists, Weapons of Mass Destruction, military jargon, and non-linear storytelling, then Tiananmen Ascending is probably your cup of tea. But me? I would have torn this thing apart in a review. I just could not agree with any of it.

I couldn’t understand why the Chinese wanted to go to war, or the Japanese suddenly agreed to concede land to them. The terrorists only reminded me that the US has enemies for days, and I just could not relate to the main character and his crippling loneliness. Seriously, that guy could not stop bringing up his dead friend and his big house that his dead parents left for him. I kept thinking, “Man, I hope there’s a romance in this, ‘cause he needs a wife or something”. Not to mention his shady-sounding DoD side job that he’s holding while still being an instructor at someone’s military college.

I swear this was not supposed to be a review. Goodreads said that I’ve only read 5% of this book. You can’t even get a legitimate understanding of the text from that much. My opinions on this novel are invalid. Invalid!

In any case, I wanted to apologize to Britt Alan – who probably forgot about this particular review, but, whatever, I want it on record – for my not following through with reviewing Tiananmen Ascending. It was not in my genre, nor was it something that I could truly relate to. And, for that reason, I’m sure my review wouldn’t have done it justice. Thus, I am releasing myself from that obligation.

Phew! I feel much better now. I can finally move on to things like Kevin Kwan’s Rich People Problems and N.K. Jemisin’s The Stone Sky. These books are by authors that I enjoy and don’t mind writing thousands of words about. For free.


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