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February 2020

#MusicMonday MNEK’s Language

Something like half a decade ago, Chris Brown was beefing with Frank Ocean. This was during the height of Chris Brown beefing with just about everyone but he hadn’t gone to jail yet, so I would say this was around 2013. In any case, Chris is backhand complimenting Frank by comparing him to James Fauntleroy. I didn’t understand it immediately, but someone on Twitter then explained that Fauntleroy was an accomplished songwriter and former Chris Brown collaborator who had apparently put out an album that went nowhere.  

He was basically saying that chart-topping songwriters don’t always make for chart-topping artists. I think about that every time I think about MNEK’s Language

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#MusicMonday Kwabs’ Love + War

I got into Kwabs maybe sometime late in 2017, early 2018, probably during a YouTube binge. I say this because the first thing I heard of his was “Cheating On Me”, and I had happened to be watching the video. Since then, I’d downloaded one other song before finally just buying the whole album, and I can’t say I’ve ever really regretted it. I’ll be the first to say that I slept on Kwabs, because he lived in my playlist for a good year before I really recognized how good his music was. But now that I’m on board, I wish other people had noticed him better too. 

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#MusicMonday Allen Stone’s Building Balance

In a way, I’ve built a brand on Allen Stone. As early as 2012, I was covering his concerts for my  personal Tumblr as a way to practice my blogging skills. As late as 2016, I was posting my review of Radius on my music blog on Tumblr that had started out as an Allen Stone fan site

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Does The Demon King Always Have to Marry a Little Girl?

You see, I‘ve been seeing this trope for years and only recently realized how weird that is. It’s not always a little girl, nor is it always a demon king, but it’s definitely always someone that can be thought of as a minor with someone else who is definitely not. More often than not, the other person tends to be at least a century old. 

Whether you are hesitant to call that pedophilia or not, I call that weird. 

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