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#MusicMonday Brent Faiyaz’s “Rehab (Winter in Paris)”

I couldn't let a #MusicMonday go by without adding an entry.

I had intended to skip #MusicMonday this week because I knew I wouldn’t be able to review Brent Faiyaz’s album in time. I’m really starting to see the sense in letting things marinate in your playlist.

However, I’ve only just gotten back into writing consistently, and I don’t want to fall into bad habits again. So here’s my #MusicMonday pick for the week: Brent Faiyaz’s “Rehab (Winter in Paris)”

I don’t know much about Brent Faiyaz, but from my first listen of his album, Fuck The World, I knew he was delivering some prime fuckboy music. A Trap R&B entry, if you will. I won’t go any further on this thought, because I intend to explore it when I get around to reviewing the album in its entirety.

When I first heard “Rehab (Winter in Paris)”, I was immediately hooked by the line, “If you ain’t nasty, don’t @ me”. That’s when I knew that Brent had to become part of my playlist. He speaks to the part of me that wants to be a real hot girl, like Megan- but for my husband only.

It’s a little conflicting, but I know my own heart.

The rest of the song is pretty formulaic for a trap song: he has a bunch of other girls but is particularly in love with the one that has a coke habit and is great at sex, and he also might be a drug dealer/ gangbanger. Nothing truly phenomenal is happening here, but it sounds great and that’s really all I care about.

Sometimes that’s all you can ask for.


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